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Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach!

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Whether you're looking for a classic family week at the beach, 17 outstanding golf courses, world-famous sport fishing or a weekend getaway, OC delivers everything you desire.




Check out our famous boardwalk, and our ten miles of glorious free beaches. Indulge in a little outlet shopping, dine at our famous restaurants, which feature everything from famous Ocean City seafood (yes, that includes steamed crabs) to down-home cooking to haute cuisine. To see more topics and reviews of OC Click Here.


Want to catch your own seafood? You've come to the right place. Ocean City offers surf fishing, sport fishing, and every year, the White Marlin Open: the world's biggest billfish tournament.


Best of all, we're just a short drive on major highways around Baltimore, Washington, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New York. Perfect for a week's vacation, a romantic weekend (even a seaside wedding), or a guys' or girls' getaway, year-round. Click here to learn more about Ocean City Maryland.

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Guest Ocean City Beach Bum

The beach is calling me. Everyday the weather is above 70 and sunny I crave the ocean. The crowd for Memorial Day is my favorite time to visit.




Once you are settled in your beach house, or hotel suite, you will soon notice that everyone around you is just plain happy! Happy its summertime again, free of the worries of daily life.




Salt-covered after a morning ocean surf nature paddle swim, and all-day beach tanning / sand castle adventure; my family and I will probably eat seafood and crabs overlooking the bay for sunset.




Goin' to the beach next weekend!

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Isn't the Route 50 Bridge going to be backed up that weekend? I stopped going to the beach for Memorial Day a long time ago because it took too long in travel time. Does anyone know what the bridge traffic was like last year?

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Guest Ocean City Beach Bound





Where exactly are the RT 50 SPEED TRAPS located???


Everyone is aware the old way through downtown Salibury, (you are begging to pay if you speed anywhere along this zone), but there just has to be more areas we can expect to find smokey shakin' us down for our vacation money. If you see any cameras, or road-side speed traps, then record it and share its location here ASAP. I can't drive 55, and I have found that It really can ruin your whole beach trip to have surprisingly spent half your vacation budget before you even get there!


We really need to get on this right away. Reaching the beach shouldn't cost any more then the gas!

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