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Cool Opportunity for Partiers in D.C.

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Get Paid to Party


Position: Research Writer


Location: Washington D.C.


Description: Party Earth is looking for in-the-know writers to research clubs, bars, outdoor activities, beaches, plazas, casinos, parks, coffee shops, pubs and other social venues. Researchers have the opportunity to earn money while researching and writing about the hottest places in cities around the world.


If you are living, traveling or studying in Washington D.C. for an extended period of time, then being a Party Earth Researcher is an opportunity you can’t miss!




• Ability to research and identify social scenes and venues in your city

• Solid understanding of the Party Earth review structure, characters, and ratings

• Outgoing, friendly personality

• Extensive knowledge of the city you’re living or staying in

• Ability to formulate and express opinions about venues/social scenes and evaluate social venues for different personalities

• Ability to ask pertinent questions for relevant details to be included in a review

• Pop culture knowledge

• Some foreign language experience

• Travel experience a plus

• Strong work ethic

• Self-starter

• Owns a camera

• Strong organizational and time management skills

• Extreme attention to detail

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Proficient with MS Word

• Bachelors Degree in English, writing, journalism, or related field

• Excitement for the Party Earth brand



To apply, please go to http://www.partyearth.com/get-paid-to-party


www.partyearth.com | Party Earth on Facebook

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