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Afrika Abney Aka Ashawarrior Of Akoma Sunsum

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From Afrika M.A.Abney aka Ashawarrior of Akoma Sunsum


Dancers in the Winds, contains 30 pages and consists of 19 poems with the theme of dancing is written in the voice and rhythm of Afrika M.A.Abney aka Ashawarrior.


Her book is targeted primarily on the feelings and love of appreciation of dancing.It is about the blessings of being a dancer and how it can impact ones traditions and cultures into a work of abstract motif used in language and terms through spoken word. Her voice in this book is very dramatic and strong. She urges her viewers to find out more about through just the visual images that are drawn from reading her poetry.


Dancers in the Wind was re-released as an ebook on August 27, 2003 by Forever Ebooks LLC. You can view the book and purchase online at



Dance Around the Fire


I dance around the fire

of the rhythms that steeps from the drums

to heat up my soul

I smile and I move my head continuously

never stop moving to the rhythms of the drums

until the rhythms stops

but yet my soul is still on fire

knowing at the end

my entire body will ache

but I will feel great

'cause it the rhythms of the drums

that heats up my soul

as I dance around the fire

never skipping a beat

I still dance with freedom and class

around the fire


Copyright ©2003



Voices of Tomorrow


Voices of Tomorrow is divided into four sections, 9-11, Anthrax, Sniper Shooting and War. Voices of Tomorrow will be dedicated to those who lost loved ones during these events.


Her book was released on September 5, 2003 as an ebook by Forever Ebooks LLC.


You can view the book and purchase it online at http://www.ebookcommunity.ws/Authors/Afrik...of_Tomorrow.htm.



Wake Up America!


Wake Up America!


America violence and war is corrupting mankind's thoughts, ideas, lifestyles, traditions and beliefs


I say Wake Up America!

terrorists and criminals are putting fears and tears in America's children, parents and homes


I say Wake Up America!


America is slowing falling down to the pitfalls of hatred and racism


I say Wake Up America!


America we need peace Now!

we need to STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW! and increase the PEACE!


PEACE of the mind

KNOWLEDGE of the soul


I say Wake Up America!


America can hear the turmoils in the wall?

Can you sense the pain and fear in mankind?


I say Wake Up America!


America is no longer shining bright and beautiful because it is filled with too much hate and war


I say Wake Up America!


play rhythms for PEACE and JUSTICE

erase the WAR and VIOLENCE from the walls


it is time America




Copyright ©2003




And God Loves Me


And God Loves Me is a spiritual journey and my appreciation of the love of God has for me. It was released on September 14, 2003 as an ebook by Forever Ebooks LLC.


You can view the book and purchase it online at http://www.ebookcommunity.ws/Authors/Afrik...dGodLovesMe.htm .



Born Again


with higher perceptions and new meanings for standing in the

foregrounds of a stronger determination and principles of

abiding by the rules and values of setting standards for a

stronger being of affirming and reaffirming the value of

living a life filled with beauty, love, hope and faith in

reasoning with the seasonings of loving and living a life

surrounded and encompassed with rhythm, class and beats

filled with heat of standing in the light and the laughter

of building the wellness of collecting voices with notations

filled with potions and solutions for solving a matter of

justice and faith for being born again with new blessings


Copyright ©2003



About Publisher: Forever Ebooks LLC



The eBook Community website was launched in May of 2003. Our vision is to be the biggest eBook marketplace on earth. We want to be the Amazon of eBooks!


Our mission is to unite eBook buyers and sellers.



Our eBook publishing and marketing company is located in Aurora, IL in USA. The company was founded in January 2003 by Mr. Profits, a marketing graduate of Northern Illinois University.



FOREVER EBOOKS LLC owns eBook Community website. We publish and market eBooks and are currently looking for authors of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.



For more information visit them at www.ebookcommunity.ws



Ongoing Events



1st Thursday Poetry Open Mic Fest.Starbucks Chinatown.Every 1st Thursday of the Month.800 7th St., NW. 2nd Level.6:15pm - 8:00pm.Free.Hosted by Ashawarrior.Sponsored by Starbucks. Presented by CUDC and Desho Productions.Featured Poets, Poetry Open Mic, Special Guests, and More.To sign up for the poetry open mic show up at 6:00pm or email the host to get your name on the list!!!!!!!!The 1st Thursday Poetry Open Mic Fest would like those involved in participating to contact Ashawarrior at akomasunsum@yahoo.com or call 202-328-3564



Dar Es Salaam Bookstore.Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month.1st Saturday Poetic Beats Dar Es Salaam.3rd Saturday Open Mic Dar Es Salaam.4000 34th St. Mt. Rainier,MD.$5.00 cover for adults and free under 21!Hosted by Ashawarrior and Dar Es Salaam.Info call 301-209-0010



John Nelson Gallery. 2nd Saturdays Open Mic at 7pm, Open Mic, Open Mic ONLY!!!$5.00. 5103 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, MD.Hosted by Ashawarrior.Info:akomasunsum@yahoo.com or call 202-328-3564



For more information about the author visit http://www.authorsden.com/ashawarrior

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