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Looking For 4 Female Live In Assistants

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Good Day,


I would like to know if this would be a nice way of seeing if there are four ladies out there. I am looking to live in a nice home, with a group of beautiful womken, as one big happy group of close friends. I am a single, bachelor, who recently won the Mega Millions DC lottery, earlier this year. I just finished building a six bedroom home in the outer region of Western NoVa. I would like to put out an offer to four young ladies, between the ages of 18-30, and very nicely put together. I am looking for an experience of a lifetime and offering an opportunity of a lifetime. To live and partake as my private bunnies or personal "comfort women".


I am offering room and board in my beautiful new home, plus salary and health insurance. Salary is starting around $70K/annual and up depending on the level of skill each individual bring with them and or willing to do. You will also be rated on maintaing a highly positive and stimulating environment. I am looking for women who are fun, hot, look great on my arm, and love to have fun. All candidates are requested to not have any kids and are able to live-in year round. If, you do have a little one, please elaborate on your talents. This will be longer than a year each, with the right candidates. Travel is expected, I just won the lottery, so I'm planning on going and enjoying a lot of places. Which, are all expenses paid for my comfort girls.


Please submit a one page letter stating why you would be a perfect pick to live in this exciting place. What skills and talents you would bring to my home. Please also submit at least two or more pictures to this email, unclothed is not required. No personal information is being requested ( full name, address, social), this is an initial request for review and responses. I will read these and email the address back within 30 days. I am hoping to have my house fully furnished to my liking by October. I am leaving the extra rooms open and waiting for each of the four acceptants. I will also be sponsoring a bonus option plan throughout the year with very high incentives. Please submit a letter with photos by October 01, 2004, to become a candidate. Repsonses will go out by November 1st, 2004 through the email you provide.







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