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SPAM Coming from China Companies Selling Knockoff Goods

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SPAM Coming from China



On Chinese New Year's eve, the family to eat together "reunion dinner", a family

reunion festival flavor. For the reunion dinner, the table of the "fish" is not

active, because this fish representing "rich" and "annual and superabundant", the symbol of wealth and ahead of next year's "lucky", it belongs to a kind of decoration, is untouchable. (a few different place customs, such as guizhou, the fish is not cannot eat, is to have some left, meaning "annual and superabundant") The climax of the year after New Year's eve elders send "lucky money". Then there is posted Spring Festival couplets and keeper, and closed the door. To junior morning only open "connect mammon", followed by family ShouSui until the wee hours of the morning






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