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Paddle Boat at Tidal Basin

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If whether persists this weekend take a trip to The Tidal Basin in Washington DC. It will be the last weekend of the year to be able to go paddle boating. You will have a blast for only $10 an hour for a 2 person boat or $18 an hour for a 4 person boat, so whether you are double dating or just enjoying the company of your significant other this will be a great time. The Jefferson Memorial is within great view from the water, easy to relax while sightseeing. Directions from The National Mall, head west on Independence Avenue until you reach 15th Street, turn left and continue south on 15th Street toward the Jefferson Memorial. The paddle boat dock will be on your right hand side. From 10 AM to 6 PM come enjoy the paddle boats for the final time this year.

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Guest Peter Conover Hains

The concept of the Tidal Basin originated in the 1880s to serve both as a visual centerpiece and as a means for flushing the Washington Channel. The picture below is circa 1932.





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