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Guest wanaBamodel

Lowest Customer Satisfaction

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Guest wanaBamodel



Okyo Salon "One of the 10 best salons in America." . . . VOGUE Magazine

I personally don't think so at all!!


It sucks!


My complaint's gonna be VERY long! You don't have to read them all.


Could you reccomend good hair salons?

Are there any good hair stylists?


I am thinking to try Hair Cuttery. They spend big money for advertising everywhere. It looks good.


Have you ever been there?


PLEASE give me any comments and help me to find decent hair salons in DC.

Thank you so much!



- wanaBamodel



Here is my criticism to increase customer satisfaction.


After having introduced, the hair stylist, who had cut my hair, asked me what kind of hairstyle I wanted. At that time, I was not sure.


So, I asked him "What kind of style is fashionable recently or coming?"


He just said, "I don't know.." and asked again "How I can cut your hair today?"


So, I said "kind of short style.."


After that he just kept cutting and cutting, and didn't even talk to me to decide how he finish it. Professed hair stylist was trying to accomplish his everyday-job ASAP as he could.


After cutting, he rubbed hair mousse over my head, face and neck! That was too MUCH! In addition, he didn't clean my clothes with innumerable hair. SO ICHY!! I went to bathroom to clean myself.. :(


I didn't like what he did to me at all. I will never visit Okyo Salon again!!



Here are my suggestions for hair stylists. It can be for YOU!


The following points are what hair stylist can do to satisfy clients and to make the clients want to come to their salons again.


1. Talk to your customer. Communication is important. To understand client's

needs or desire, what kinds of style they want. You definitely need to talk to

your clients. Chatting also entertains users and leads to increase customer



Be a friend of your clients!


2. Have some magazines and show hair model photos or whatever to explain

which hairstyle fits clients. You need to tell the clients images of style, which

clients want and you're gonna make it.


Be a kind & well-prepared hair stylist!


3. Reconfirm the hair style that a client wants while you are cutting. You also

need to explain how you are gonna cutting hair later. This enables people feel

relief and trust you.


Be a reliable stylist!


4. Demonstrate how to arrange hair. You can tell which hair conditioner is good

, etc. You have to tell how long the style you made will last. It means when

your clients need to visit your salon again. That helps to increase possibility

that clients come back.


Be a smart stylist!


5. Take a picture. After payment, you can take pictures of clients to remember

how their hair looks. Next time your clients come back, you can show it to

them and can recommend new hair style they may like.


Be a hair consultant!



If you could follow those kinds of advices, you can build good LONG-term

relationship with your clients. It makes it possible to improve brand loyalty

to your salon.


Let's TRY! and invite ME to your salon someday!


- wanaBamodel


I have more suggestions, which you can do to increase your potential customers

and your salon's popularity. If you would like to know, please let me KNOW!


Thank you for reading. :)

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Guest noobow

I recommend


ILO Day Spa


1637 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20007

Phone 202 342 0350

Fax 202 342 0853


It's kind of expensive, though..

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Guest Monica

Let's try this salon next time!

- Monica


Figaro Studio of Hair

The DC area's Unsurpassed Fine Hair Specialists and Colorists™


(202) 607-1233

3713 Newark Street, NW

Washington, DC 20007

(Four blocks North of the Cathedral)



You will receive 20 % discount

if you mention this website.



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I've had mostly bad experiences with hair in DC. I used to live in NYC and almost always got excellent hair cuts and color. So, finally I tracked down a hair stylist who is from NY and is awesome. - Tori at Aqua Salon in G'town. She has a website: www.dchairbytori.com

Aqua- 202.337.3477


Good luck!


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