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Bidding For Obama's Senate Seat

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I am deeply saddenned that to find out that President-Elect Obama's senate seat was being auctioned off to the highest bidder. So far two candidates have been revealed


Jesse Jackson Jr.

Lisa Madigan


I am losing faith in both parties.

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Guest HAWK

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan announced today that he is appointing a special committee to look into the impeachment of Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich (D).


“I have allowed Gov. Rod Blagojevich six days to resign his office. It would appear this morning that he has declined to do so.” Madigan said in a press release.


The committee will be composed of 12 democrats and 9 Republicans and will proceed with “all deliberate speed” according to Madigan.


Reportedly, one of the avenues the committee with pursue as grounds for Impeachment is the governor’s “Abuse of Power.”


Madigan has ordered to the Committee to begin working tomorrow and work every day, except holidays, until their job is done.

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