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The upcoming presidential election is shaping up to be one which seeks to change the way things are done in Washington, DC and secondary, an election that centers around family values and this may be why John McCain chose a running mate who is a mother of five, a wife with traditional family values, opposes abortion and opposes gay rights in a way to portray the Democrats as the party of wrong as far as it concerns the family with its pro choice stance and coddling feminists and homosexuals while turning its back in white males and blue collar Americans.


Traditional family values will probably be the theme taken up by the candidates shortly and may be the theme that decides our next president.




It is said that you are often judge by the company you keep and a picture tells a thousand words.


D.C. City Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh is the most masculine looking woman the DC City Council has ever had and that is intentional as she is not a real woman (hint, hint) and although she is married, if you had ever met her husband, he is the most whipped man alive and probably can't wait for Mary to bring out the strap-on.


Let the picture above of DC Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh (Right side) speak for itself!

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