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Lotus and Asian Cultural Festival

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This last weekend I covered the Lotus and Asian Cultural Festival. I had a really wonderful time. There are so many activities to do and the gardens are spectaculor. If you are into exploring Asian Culture this is the event not to miss. It occurs the second Saturday in July. This is also the peak time for the lotus blossoms. They are the only plants that fruit and flower at the same time. Click on the photos to check out the gallery.








It is a shame the way our District Government treats Kenilworth. The Mayor is always a guest at the Cherry Blossom Festival because it is located on our National Mall.


The Mayor or Council Members should be attending this the Lotus and Asian Cultural Festival as well. The Korean embassy and Asain dignataries always attends.


The Park is teaming with wildlife. Fish are jumping. Birds are fishing. Deer, Fox, Squirrels, and other critters are hanging out. My hat is off to the Park staff and volunteers that work hard to keep this sanctuary clean and groomed.


The major issue is getting to and from Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. If you are coming from Downtown on New York avenue go West on Route 50. Immediately look for Kenilworth Avenue South Exit. At the moment this exit is closed due to construction. So, you need to get off on Kenilworth North and at the first light hang a right and uturn and go South on Kenilworth Avenue. Then look for the Exit road sign that needs to be really replaced. Go up the exit ramp and pass the bridge and make an immediate right. Once again the District of Columbia government fails to give proper road guidance and people end up getting lost and fustrated. Go down the end of the street and make an immediate right.


Leaving Kenilworth is really bad as well. You cannot immediately go North on Kenilworth. Instead, you have to go South on Kenilworth Avenue until you hit Benning Road. There you can uturn and head North. What a third world nightmare.


Is it worth the trouble visiting the park. Darn it is. Should you be angry at the District's transportation department. Go visit and the park and post your response to me.

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Guest Trinh Nguyen

I'm looking for 2012 info about the Lotus Asian Cultural Festival to no avail.

Please help.

Trinh Nguyen

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The Name has been changed to:


Water Flower Festival


Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens


1550 Anacostia Ave NE

Washington, DC


Date: 07/21/2012

Time: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fee Information: none


Come for exhibits, arts, family activities and special tours that have an Asian/African theme this year. All celebrate water flowers. Call the park for more information on photo contest, activities at (202) 426-6905 .

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