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A Sad Roommate Story

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My freshman year in college I fell right into a huge group of friends. We hit it off so well that they are now women that will be in my wedding (whenever that happens). The worst mistake I made the next year was rooming with one of them.


Sometimes you think you know someone a lot better than you really do, come close quaters. My friend and I were so much alike but so very different at the same time. She had a very strong, confident personality, where me on the other hand, I was/am always the underdog. Oddly enough, I truly admired that about her. I admired it up until the second semester of my sophomore year. Little did I know and soon I came to find out that she was the biggest liar I had ever met. Freshman year she told me her mother died. I believed her, I mean come on who would lie about that? But later I found out it wasn't her mother but a women close to her. As betrayed as I felt, I let it go and tried to forget about it.


As the year started, she began dating this guy who was from the town where our University is located. He was at our house 24/7. I COMPLETELY understand wanting to be with eachother a lot, but EVERYYYYY DAYYYY, get serious. It's not like he just came and hung out, he ate our food, showered (water bill$$$), and he even made a copy of our key. Oh and I think I forgot to mention but the place we were living wasnt an apartment, it was property my parents bought and let us stay, so my family owns it; so the water bill and everything else was paid by my parents. What I thought was going to be a funfilled year turned out to be not only an expensive one, but a left out one too. Because she made enemies with all our other friends we met the previous year, I took her back, and made a few bad relationships as well (not as many as her though). This was all to find out that I would be spending my whole Fall Sophomore year alone and depressed. The only solution I could think of was to join a sorority, and thats exactly what I did.


I joined AOII, which was the BEST decision I had ever made. My roommate however, didn't approve, but I decided that this wasn't something I was going to give up. I stuck with it and made so many friends. AOII lifted me from the ground to the sky in about 2 weeks, (I also met my boyfriend about a month later) it felt great to feel like someone appreciated my friendship. Although joining AOII started a barrier between my roommate and I, in the end we were okay. For the meantime however, she was AWFUL to live with. I would come home from work and find her new friends sitting in the kitchen eating my food I Just bought or using things from my room. I would get extremely frustrated but just walk into my room, close my door, and let it out in silence.


Just my luck, I started having class with a few of the people that I had become not so good of friends with. Believe it or not, we actually made amends and now one of them is my roommate and we get along perfectly, she is still one of my closest friends.


I guess the lesson I learned is that you don't always know someone until you reallly know someone. Living with someone makes the perspective of things completely different, maybe for the good or maybe for the worst. However, you have to experience to learn.

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