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Guest Lisa Marie Ordakowski

History and current trends of spirituality in the prison system

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Guest Lisa Marie Ordakowski

An often overlooked facet of the American justice system is the integration of religious practices in the lives of prisoners. To shed light on this fascinating subject, The National Museum of Crime & Punishment (NMCP) now offers museum visitors an engaging religious curriculum with insight into the history and current trends of spirituality in the prison system.


“Throughout the Bible we read about crimes committed and the punishment attached, such as Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. It’s simply intriguing to compare these accounts to the crimes of America’s past and present. Additionally, our prison system offers such a strong religious rehabilitation program; it makes this curriculum a natural fit to be featured here at the museum,” says Janine Vaccarello, Chief Operating Officer.


The program is divided into five major sections, all complemented by the interactive offerings inside the museum. Sections include: Biblical Connections to Crime and Punishment, Religion in Prisons, Role of the Prison Chaplain, References about Religion in Prison, and Topics for Discussion. Group leaders or teachers receive an administrator’s manual while students use a standard study guide.


Copies of the curriculum, which cites examples from both the New and Old Testament, are available upon booking a group visit to the museum. Please contact Sean Ream at (202)621-5553 to book your group. The museum is located on the web at www.crimemuseum.org. For ticket and facility rental information, call (202) 393-1099.


About the National Museum of Crime & Punishment


The NMCP’s mission is to provide guests of all ages with a memorable insight into the history of crime, crime fighting and solving, and the consequences of committing a crime in America through a captivating interactive, entertaining, and educational experience. The museum is located on 7th Street NW between E and F Streets in downtown Washington, D.C. at the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro (Arena exit).


Admission to the NMCP is $17.95 for adults, with a special rate of $14.95 for law enforcement officers. Admission is $14.95 for children (ages 5-11) and seniors age 60 and older, and free for children under the age of five. The museum is open weekdays 10am until 6pm September through February, and 9am to 7pm March through August.

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