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Warning Period for District Taxicab Meter Installation to End Today

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Mayor Adrian M. Fenty today reminded residents and visitors that all District of Columbia taxicabs must operate using the new time and distance meter system beginning June 1, 2008. Any taxicab operating without an approved meter on June 1 will no longer be a licensed cab in the District.


“Residents and visitors of the District of Columbia can rest assured that from now on they will have a fare and transparent rate system every time they get into a cab,” said Fenty.


The new regulations switching the city's taxi system from a zone system to time and distance meters went into effect on May 1, but the city issued warning tickets throughout to month to encourage installation. As of June 1, taxicab drivers will no longer receive warnings and will be fined $1,000. Taxi inspectors will spot-check both meters in cabs as well as the technicians that install the meters. The Metropolitan Police Department will also be assisting taxi inspectors in ticketing.


The rates for the time and distance meters include a $3.00 flag drop rate and 25 cents for every one-sixth of a mile after the first sixth of a mile traveled. For every minute stopped in traffic or traveled under ten miles per hour, there will be a charge of 25 cents per minute. The rush hour surcharge has been eliminated. All other rates and surcharges, such as those for additional passengers will still apply. The maximum fare for all trips within the District is $19.00. There is a temporary $1 gas surcharge to help taxi drivers make up for the increased cost of gas.


Passengers who wish to file a complaint against an unmetered cab should obtain the taxicab driver’s name, company and license number and report it to the DC Taxicab Commission at (202) 645-6018 or dctc@dc.gov.

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