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It has been no hidden secret that northern Virginia but specifically Arlington County has been riddled with corruption from its courts, office of commonwealth attorney down to its council.


Now that these hillbilly rednecks of northern Virginia are getting the taste of the good life, The FBI and nine other federal agencies are targeting government corruption in Northern Virginia, an initiative spurred by the glut of federal dollars flowing into the region.


The task force will includes inspector general staff from the Department of Transportation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Postal Service, Small Business Administration and Department of Education.


Probably the most corrupt northern Virginia official is Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney Richard E. Trodden who has been guilty of selective prosecution based upon race, color, national origin and using the tools of bringing, maintaining and keeping on the books false criminal charges against people he dislikes, and when and only when money is slipped under the table to him through a defendant's attorney does he drop the charge.


Northern Virginia has had a free hand for years but may now finally get cleaned up by the feds with people going to jail.

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Part of it appears today in the Washington Examiner and the part about Commonwealth Attorney Todden is based upon complaints people have filed against him.



How do you know all this stuff?

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Guest "States" Manship

Well Richard Trodden is now retired, thank God, but the newly elected Commonwealth Attorney was one of his hand-picked assistants, Theo Stamos. Back on 7 December a.d. 2011, I had the horror to watch Arlington Deputy Sheriff Neptuno "Mad Dog" Mendez-Ventura do a BLOODY ASSAULT on a 12 year old girl, Ashlie O'Brien, for only going into the court room DURING a BREAK, and saying, "When can I testify? I want to testify." to Karen Grane, judge Varoutsos appointed Guardian Ad Litem, who then essentially signaled to Mad Dog Mendez-Ventura to attack Ashlie.


Theo Stamos looked me in the eye and said, "You must be delusional if you think I am going to prosecute a deputy." when I asked her to bring charges agains Mad-Dog Mendez-Ventura. I said "If President Obama did a bloody assault on a 12 year old girl, you have a DUTY to prosecute." Being a liberal Democrat, Theo Stamos is not much concerned about Duty, or Honor for that matter. I have a party photo of corrupt Stamos with her former Comm. Atty. colleague, now Ass.t County Attorney, Jason McCandless, who is equally corrupt and without redeeming virtue as he steals children from families in Arlington so Arlington can get Grants from the Federal Government for how many Foster Children they "care" for with a federal BONUS for "Adopting Out" the Foster Child. This is CHILD TRAFFICKING CORRUPTION, imppure, and not so simple.


Back in January 2011, I saw PADDED Expense Vouchers submitted by Karen Grane, asked for copies, as ANY citizen has the RIGHT to request, and was denied by a corrupt JDR Court Clerk (there are a few good clerks there, and one Whistleblower working in the JDR Court Clerk Office has been a real blessing...)


For more information, email: Advocate@NoJuryNoJustice.org. Thank you...

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