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Guest Project X

Smiley Face Serial Killer

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Guest JavaJoe

All of the guys killed had high cheek bones and Asian or Northern European type eyes. Seems he/they like their victims young. Almost all victims had light brown or dark hair. The victims liked soccer or field games so the killer/killers could possibly spot the next victim (or they like guys in shorts...seriously). The killer/killers dumps/kills their bodies in a river or near a body of water. Doesn't mention any drugs being used but high levels of alcohol was found in thier system.


List of Victims:



1) Charles Blatz 28 yrs


Missing-9/28/97 La Crosse, Wisc.


Found-10/0397 -- Mississippi River --BAC (0.20)


2) Anthony Skifton 19 yrs


Missing-10/10/97 La Crosse, Wisc.


Found-- 10/20/97-- Mississippi River --Bac (0.23)


3) Nathan Kapfer 20 yrs


Missing-2/22/98 La Crosse, Wisc.


Found---4/04/98 -- Mississippi River -Bac (0.22)


Third (3rd) child missing within five (5) months, (9/20/97 ---2/22/98). Not just the same state but the same town of La Crosse.


4) Jeffrey Geesey 21 yrs.


Missing-4/11/99 La Crosse, Wisc.


Found---5/24/99 - Mississippi River - Bac (0.42)


5) Craig Burrows 23 yrs.


Missing-9/29/02 Eau Claire, Wisc.


Found--10/06/02 - Half Moon Lake


6) Michael Noll 22 yrs.


Missing-11/06/02 Eau Claire, Wisc.


Found-----8/19/03 - Half Moon Lake


7) Nathan Herr 21 yrs.


Missing-01/10/03 Sheboygan, Wisc.


Found----3/15/03 - Lake Michigan


Third (3rd) child missing within less than three (3 1/2) months, (9/29/02--01/10/03)


8) Jared Dion 21 yrs.


Missing--4/10/04 La Crosse, Wisc.


Found----4/15/04 -- Mississippi River -Bac (0.40)


9) Joshua Snell 22 yrs. (in from Minnesota for a wedding)


Missing-6/12/05 Eau Claire, Wisc.


Found---6/15/05 - Chippewa River


10) Cullen Fortney 21 yrs.


Missing 1/08/06 Mississippi River La Crosse, Wisc.


Found---1/08/06 - ALIVE Bac (0.043-0.1643)


11) Kenji Ohnri 20 yrs.


Missing-01/28/06 Madison, Wisc.


Found----6/19/06 - Lake Mendota


12) Lucas Homan 21 yrs


Missing-9/30/06 La Crosse, Wisc.


Found--10/02/06 - Mississippi River




1) Ken Christiansen 19 yrs.


Missing-4/13/01 Duluth, Minn.


Found---4/16/01 - Chester Creek


2) Christopher Nordby 27 yrs.


Missing-11/07/01 Minneapolis, Minn.


Found-----2/11/02 - Mississippi River


3) Christopher Jenkins 21 yrs.


Missing-10/31/02 Minneapolis, Minn.


Found---02/27/03 - Mississippi River


4) Joshua Guimond 20 yrs.


Missing-11/09/02 Collegeville, Minn.


Found---( ) Never Found


5) Jeremy Stienkeoway 24 yrs.


Missing-01/20/03 Hinckley, Minn.


Found----4/10/03 - St. Croix River


6) Patrick Kycia 19 yrs.


Missing-9/23/05 Moorhead, Minn.


Found---9/28/05 - Red River


7) Scot Radel 21 yrs.


Missing-02/02/05 St. Cloud, Minn.



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Guest Deeboy

September 2012 a College student from New Hyde Park New York was found Drowned in a canel at Lake Michigan. The Profile was the same as most other smiley face victims


Robbery not a Motive


Not a Popular Student


Honors Student


Pre-Meds Micro Biology Student


Drowned at a time when nobody would have went for a Swim during early Fall - Spring time




Does anybody know if this unexplained death is being investigated as a Smiley FAce Murder?

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