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New Global Mlm Telco Pre-launch !

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Dear Friend and Biz Entrepreneur , :D



Hi ! I am Fabian Fong .


Please take this as my personal invitation .


I am writing to you to inform that a New Global MLM Telco is in Pre-Launch .


Launching date is Mid AUGUST , 2004.


This are Real Products with Real Value and company is physically setting up

offices in every country .


It has unique features like SMS Callback , IVR ( missed call ) , SMS conference

( where 2 or more people can talk at the same time via their own cellphone)


You can even sponsor New Distributor , check total ,downline , check total bonus , check personal PV , check Group PV , change Password , transfer point ,

withdraw Money and other functions .....

BY Using your cellphone ! AND Many More Features .....


6 ways of compensation plan :

a) Fast Incentive to Beginners

B) Huge Rewarding for Heavy Hitters ( Leaders)


Telecommunication is a Trillion Dollar Industry !


Company is LOOKING for Pioneers and Leaders to jump-start this

BIG and HUGE potential biz.


Looking foward to have you as a TOP leader on board this company !


If you would like to have the Best Position before the Actual launching date .....


Check this out :





Thank you .




Fabian Fong

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