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3rd Saturday Open Mic Dar Es Salaam

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CONTACT: 301-209-0010


Please join us on Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 5:00pm for 3rd Saturday Open Mic Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam Bookstore, 4000 34th St. Mt. Rainier, MD. $5.00 adults and free under 21!!! It is hosted by Ashawarrior and Dar Es Salaam.


The 3rd Saturday Open Mic Dar Es Salaam, which is dedicated to the events of 911 and victims of War/Terrorist Attacks, will feature Rosalyn R. Walker and special guest, Journey. There also will be poetry open mic, poetry contest, booksignings and much more.



Featured Poet: Rosalyn R.Walker


A NJ poet and an author of a collection of poetry called, I Am. Although, she is a newcomer to the professional environment, she is not a newcomer to her words nor to the journey it takes her on and trusts that the words she writes will take you on a journey with her. There are no explanations on how and what she writes because the soul of one’s heart is never on a straight and narrow path and so her soul stirs, and her heart listens and a journey, they both begin.


You can learn more about her by viewing http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp...?authorID=10906


Old Like Me Old Like Me

Today I learned a new word,

not a big word,

just a plain and very old word,

old like me.

It almost made me feel like a second grader,

but I'm old now,

and it's not true what they say,

when they say,

you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I learned this new word

and I've been saying it for two days straight,

and I'm excited

like I were a first grader.

I'm still finding

that this new word of mine

has many facets not yet cornered,

and I don't think the mind

will ever have the ability to understand

all that it holds.

My new word makes me clap


it brings many smiles to my face.

It makes me want to talk all day long,


I've been talking all day long

like I were back in kindergarten.

It's strange this overwhelming pressure

to tell everyone I see,

even the ones I haven't met.

I'm excited, you really have no idea

how much I'm excited.

My lips are about to explode, and

my eyes scream, give me a break and just ask!

I'm feeling like

I felt on the first day of pre-school,

how I waited for that yellow bus to stop and

open the doors for me,

but I'm old now


I'm relearning everything

right from the start.

It's a little word,

and it's old like me,

then someone stops by

and admires my fresh new look,

and then I introduce them to my new found friend,

old like me.


Special Guest: Journey


Journey is a Newark, New Jersey, native who seems to have metamorphosed in Washington, DC. She is the Volunteer Coordinator and DC Community Representative for the Black Writers Alliance (www.blackwriters.org), and a columnist for TimBookTu (www.timbooktu.com) and UrbanDour (www.urbandour.com). Journey's poetry has been published in anthologies and she operates a small business (SHE/MIND Production, LLC) through which she writes personalized poetry for weddings, anniversaries, and dedications.


An accomplished spoken word artist, Journey has blessed the mics of venues in D.C. such as Mangoes, Bar Nun, Heart & Soul Cafe, and most recently co-hosted the Poetry Reception at the 2001 Black Writers Alliance Reunion and Conference in Dallas, Texas.


She is the author of Journey to Timbooktu: An African American Odyssey, Celebrations: Notes to my Grandmother by P. Dawkins, and Celebrations: Notes to my Best Friend by P. Dawkins.


You can contact Journey via e-mail at journeywrites@yahoo.com.


For more information and directions call 301-209-0010


See you there

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