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Metro proposes more fare hikes and service cuts

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Still in the red, even after selling advertising on every possible square inch of space they can — on the walls facing the escalators, on platform kiosks that used to have system maps on them, wrapped around whole buses and train cars, and don't get me started about those goddamn' flickering video ads in the tunnels coming in and out of Gallery Place. Oh, and dont'cha just love how Metro turns almost every piece of advertising space in a station over to one friggin' product — as if its manufacturer thinks they have a better chance of selling you something if they bludgeon your eyeballs repeatedly with the same image over and over until your brain turns into **to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility**ing oatmeal?


Wait wait don't forget they are still paying Richard White a nice handsome salary and he's not working there anymore and when he worked there metro was at an all time low, more late buses and messed up trains and so much more bad stuff and they want to raise the managers salaries 5% and give the workers less hours and maybe get rid of some as well, either through getting killed or just firing them. Metro needs to make itself safer for it's workers and the bosses need to actually ride the buses (all of em') and the trains (from one end to the other) many many many many many many many many many times (maybe enough so they aren't making decisions and a citizen/rider task force is set up to really run metro right and not into the ground...also maybe they might eliminate the ads that plague the trains buses and platforms and everywhere else they put em (unless they start putting them up there ass) Pay cuts for all of the bosses fare decreases, a new Manager who is competent enough to run metro (no more Richard Whites or who ever this new guy is, who screwed up the system he worked at before) and more service and safety for the workers!

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Guest Disgruntled

The Examiner newspaper has stated that Metro is balancing their budget "on the backs of riders." Another round of fare hikes is being proposed after the fires and service interruptions of the past summer, in part to fund mantainance.


Metro receives very little subsidy from state and local governments, though they are trying to get some Federal funding. In DC, only 40% of the cost of Metro comes from any form of subsidy. Even car-crazy Los Angeles gives a 74% subsidy to transit by comparison.


In the DC "Metro" area, its motorists who are subsidized. In MD, THREE BILLION DOLLARS are slated to be spent on the Inter-County Connector! A small fraction of that, along with similar diversions from Northern VA's new highway-building fund, would eliminate all fare increases except to cover inflation and cover that mantainance backlog.


Metro's management is going to ask Congress to provide a dedicated revenue stream to try to close this gap, but they are proposing a sales tax as the funding source. A GAS TAX would be a far better idea, but motorists seem so opposed to gas taxes(even enough to just cover road building), that VA has those outrageous "abusive driving" fees instead. Just a penny a gallon could go a long way toward's solving Metro's problems, and would help motorists as well by preventing fed-up subway and bus riders from switching back to solo driving.

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