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Michael Fomkin

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Information about Michael Fomkin


If you are interested in working as executive assistent please contact.


November 25, 2006


Michael Fomkin loves to turn small businesses into big businesses. Ever since he was a kid, he felt a nagging annoyance when someone referred to one of his ventures as a “small business.” That annoyance, along with any opinion that he couldn’t do whatever he set out to do, has always fueled his fire and driven him to succeed in building a business.

Michael Fomkin has a strong desire to educate people and an academic interest in science and mathematics. His decades of experience with non-profit organizations, CRM sales and start-up ventures give him the heart, entrepreneurial fire and courage to think big.

When Michael Fomkin isn’t working to build a winning company, he loves to spend time with his gorgeous wife and great kids. The balancing act can be a little difficult at times, but his family supports him 100% and serves as a constant reminder about what really matters in life. As much as Michael Fomkin loves to write and execute a good business plan, that’s nothing compared to the satisfaction he gets from a successful outing with his two kids.

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