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by: Ramon Rivera





This past week, mayor elect Adrian Fenty made a few proposed appointments but one is of concern and that is, Linda Singer for Attorney General.


With the District Government having attorneys with vast experience why Fenty would go with a lawyer who has no trial experience, who is not a member of the DC Bar, a non-active member of the NY Bar, very little use of her law degree despite having one, headed a controversial organization that has been accused of exploiting the poor and minorities for its own gain and wrapped herself up in sleaze ball politicking this past election day when she and her husband openly fronted and campaigned outside of polling places for candidates they put up to oppose local ward 3 ANC commissioners who did not back development and more leaves any reasonable person scratching their head.


Appointing such an inexperienced person as Linda Singer is, is tantamount to allowing an intern at GW Hospital to perform open heart surgery on you never having done it before.


This decision by Fenty to nominate a non-member of the DC Bar and non-practicing lawyer for ten (10) years is reckless, shows his incompetence to run DC and cronyism at best if not pure political rewarding for the help on his campaign Linda Singer did, but it is also another reason why I believe Fenty will be a big failure as mayor along the lines of Sharon Pratt-Kelly as he is engaging in rewarding his supporters at the expense of appointing truly qualified people.

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