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by: Jonathan R. Rees


The New York Times in several recent articles about Mayor Bloomberg and other mayors’ nationwide seizing control of their public schools has clearly stated that there is no evidence that such has been a success, let alone having had any impact upon the various problems.


With this reality in mind, DC officials (Adrian Fenty) before traveling to New York should have informed DC voters of what the New York Times had already reported.


As a matter of fact, New York State may take back control in 2007, of the NYC schools and concluded that Mayor Bloomberg’s plan has failed.


The foregoing fact is important because many who ran during the primaries used our schools as a basis why we should vote for them and played up the not proven success of Mayor Bloomberg.


What other mayors have done differ greatly from each other, and what NYC did cannot be applied in DC as our two school systems differ like night and day.


I strongly contend that 50% of the problem in DC is the fault of DC parents who do not devote enough time to their children’s’ education by following what they do when at school nor when they come home with homework.


DC Government can provide new schools, insure that they are properly equipped with all the needed modern tools of education but it is the parents who can turn the tide of these many problems.


While the District of Columbia has a reputation of being the most educated city of America, we should add to that, the city with the highest rate of no common-sense, laziness and easily duped voters who easily buy the lies of wanna be politicians as the voters should have known before September 12, 2006, that there has been not a single case of success in America with any mayor and/or city council having seized control of their public schools.


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