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  1. One Line Online/SoldOnSolar – USA Nationwide Opportunity A revolutionary Worldwide expansion of renewable energy markets presents this RARE OPPORTUNITY to become national and international Partnership Specialist.After training you will be able to buy and sell green shares. As well as start your own solar business. WFH, No experience needed. Serious inquires only. Please view website below for information.The fill out short contact form. A recruiter will contact you. QUALIFICATIONS A desire to exceed and own your business. Website http://one-line-online.info/Soldonsolar One-Line-Online/SoldOnSolar The Green Line Team
  2. One Line Online/SoldOnSolar – USA Nationwide Opportunity A revolutionary Worldwide expansion of renewable energy markets presents this RARE OPPORTUNITY to become national and international Partnership Specialist.After training you will be able to buy and sell green shares. As well as start your own solar business. WFH, No experience needed. Serious inquires only. Please view website below for information.The fill out short contact form. A recruiter will contact you. QUALIFICATIONS A desire to exceed and own your business. Website http://one-line-online.info/Soldonsolar One-Line-Online/SoldOnSolar The Green Line Team
  3. quickfixx431

    Your Windshield Repair Business

    Quick Fixx Rock Chip Repair is expanding! Are you interested in running your own business and making an average of $45 per windshield repair? Did you know that a repair takes less than 15 minutes? Also, Repair Technicians repair an average of 14 repairs per day! Start today. We provide everything you need to begin business now. We even help you to grow your business! For $700 you receive all the equipment to do rock chip repairs, all the supplies to do approximately 100 repairs, training, certification, work referrals, sales support, technical support, customer service, Google advirtisement and we also do all of the insurance paperwork for you. Using our insurance contracts guarantees you an average of $45 per repair. No need to have a store front.... be mobile! We also help you to expand and grow your business. The Rock Chip Repair business is for everyone. Call TOLL FREE 1-877-643-3116 option 4 or visit us online: www.quickfixxrepairs.com/training.php
  4. I am looking for ten serious business minded go getters to join my team. Learn how to turn a monthly expense into a residual income for only $1. I have ten spots available at the great start up cost. We are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating and the #2 home based business in the world right under avon. Visit my site fill out the form and I will contact you and tell you all about it. You do not want to miss this opportunity. www.askmehownow.net
  5. Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to view my posting. I understand there are a lot of individuals looking for a way to make a decent amount of quick cash. These are hard times and a good paying job is very hard to come by. Until today. I know the internet is FLOODED with “job” postings that require you to either purchase some “secret system” and recruit others to the same OR try out trial offers and recruit others to do the same. Now here’s the sad part about. These are legit programs that actually DO pay but lets be honest here; Not everyone has money to purchase something, you end up having to spend money to complete these trial offers, and its hard to recruit people to something they think is a scam or doesn’t work. Our program has taken care of those 3 main issues for and has created an amazing way for people like you to make a decent amount of money. 1.) We are an affiliate trial offer program 2.) We are the ONLY affiliate program that does not ever require you to spend money for anything 3.) You will NEVER have to search for people to recruit, WE BRING THEM TO YOU. 4.) We are the ONLY affiliate program that has a paid $50 one day training How are we able to do this? Well in the beginning of January 2013 our company realized that there were so many other programs out there that people were running to. So we were losing money and had to fix that issue quick. How could we recruit people to our program without charging anything at all? How could we make it easier for other people to make money and recruit others to do the same? Answer, WEBINARS ! In Janurary our team partner up with JoinMe.com to create a massive amount of revenue not only for us but for the people working with us (YOU). They get paid for every person we give an account to and we get paid when that person is signed up with us. JoinMe.com is a webinar conferencing program that allows people to hold presentations online. Because we partnered up with them and made so both companies is making money we are able to have paid training. So how do we recruit people and make money? Well the recruiting is something you will NEVER have to worry about. When you join our team you will get your own premium account to Joinme. You will host 1 PRE SET webinars a day Mon-Wens Or Thur-Sat with 50 people attending each webinar. You will be given a 7 page presentation that will last about 30 to 45 minutes. At the end of each webinar the attendees who are interested in signing up will receive YOUR affiliate and you will be paid $25 for each person that joins under you. Its your job to answer any questions or concerns that they might have. It is guaranteed that you will have no less than 10 people sign up at your webinar. You do this just 3 days out the week and thats $750/ a week. This is an extremely smart and profitable way to make money here guys. We done everything for you. All you have to do is show up at these webinars and be very good at presenting your slide show. Make people want to sign up. For those interested in this amazing opportunity please email me at webinarhosters@gmail.com with any questions that you may have and how to get started. Please know that in no way shape or form is this a scam. You have nothing to lose because we are not asking you for any money at all and we are paying you for your training. Don’t always judge a book by its cover because you’ll never know what you might have missed out on. Please enjoy your weekend and best of luck to you.
  6. It's True! Right here, right now, you have a unique opportunity to change your life - and by that, I mean - make more money and be more free - and do it without the typical set-up and hassles that most programs require you to “jump through”. More good news: we pay 100% commissions on our core product line, and we’re proud of that. Because we started this company to help our teams succeed (without the usual roadblocks)- and to improve the quality of our people’s lives - and now, to now give you a vehicle to you can use to live your dreams (whatever those may be). Last bit of good news for now: Our system works (as you can see). Thousands of people are getting results. Most of whom, have struggled for years until now. I can tell you I've never made ANY money online until I connected with this system! Check it out for yourself Click here
  7. I'm sure you've heard about this work from home business that is exploding on the scene. It is not even 2 years old and the system is working and making people thousands of dollars that they have never made or experienced making online with any other program. Check it out Here I would also like to give you a quick marketing tip. Make videos! Fire up your youtube account or create one. Videos are ruling the online world right now. Make a video about your passions, your dog (in my case my 2 chickens) Your videos are selling for you when you are not around. You could be asleep or out with your family and have made a sale all because someone saw your video. It works! Click Here
  8. Do you want to work from home? Have you tried to work from home in the past but failed miserably? The reason why you may have failed with other work from home opportunities is because you had no support or training. I would have failed too if I wasn't with a company/team like the MCA Dream Team and here is why... After receiving an increase in calls and emails from people who recently signed up with MCA, I was disturbed to find out that they are not happy with their sponsor, so I decided to write about the importance of researching before joining MCA. While I am flattered that people are reaching out to me wanting to join my team, I am saddened that there are MCA associates out there who are signing people up just to make money and are not offering any support. With this being said, PLEASE, PLEASE, do your research before joining MCA and make sure you’re on the team that offers the support and training you signed up for. Contact the name of the person's website you are on and see if they are on the MCA Dream Team. I was lucky enough to sign up with the Dream Team and I refer to our team as an MCA family. We have specific training just for our team members, which includes weekly training calls, a specific training website that only our MCA Dream Team members have access to, you will get a free Join MCA website and automatically be put into the team rotator where you will get leads sent to your join MCA website. I promise you if you join my MCA team you will NOT be alone. I am FINALLY able to stay home AND earn an income and now I want to help others do the same! The website link that I provided below is a preview site of MCA. You don't have to fill out a contact form or give out any information about yourself at this site. I've created it solely for you to explore around and decide if MCA is right for you. If you’re interested and want more information then contact me at the options below. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have or give you the link to my website where you can sign up and get started. MCA Preview site: www.Mycareerathome.webs.com Serious inquiries only. Homecareerwithtimetoplay@gmail.com or 888-888-9802 Ext. 85706 Please US and Canada Residents only Melanie Fell MCA Dream Team Associate
  9. H Merchant Services is expanding nationwide! We're currently seeking motivated individuals to help us expand our business in all 50 states. With us you can work from home part-time as an independent contractor at a time that's convenient for you. This is perfect for stay at home moms, college students, retirees, anyone that's looking to earn additional income from home. We provide training and the support you need to succeed. We show our contractors how much they are appreciated by providing cash and prize drawings. We are looking for 200 Virtual Marketing Agents Our Virtual Marketing Agents are responsible for navigating the internet to generate new clients via free classified ads, social networking and message boards. All work is done from home online. No phone line needed. Qualifications: Internet savvy Knowledge of free classified sites, social media and message boards Must own a computer with internet access Self-Motivated Reliable Go-getter What you can expect: Payday every Monday via Direct Deposit ($2 fee) Work any day and anytime you want How to apply: www.hmerchantservices.com
  10. Become IBO,Independent Healthcare Business Owner Start up fee, $19.95 Includes: Five (5) E-commerce Websites IBO Back Office Training Web Site Sales Director Programs Corporate Services IBO Business Kit Visit: http://www.iboplus.com/TLB Or Contact: TBond@ameriplan.net
  11. OnPoint@Home is a different kind of work-at-home experience, combining the convenience of working from home with many of the advantages of a traditional office environment. Our Independent Contractors work on exciting and interesting projects, and they do so from the comfort of their own homes—it's the best of both worlds. And unlike most work-at-home opportunities—low-paying, sales-based jobs where you're just another identification number-OnPoint@Home offers challenging, rewarding projects and a dynamic group environment. What sets OnPoint@Home apart from other work-at-home opportunities? No sales or fundraising calls! We do not solicit donations or attempt to sell products. All calls are outbound! No more sitting by the phone waiting for a potential lead to call. Higher base pay! OnPoint offers a per project rate and compensation is not based on sales quotas or number of calls dialed. Exciting projects! OnPoint uses cutting-edge technology and works on issues straight out of the front-page headlines. We also offer you a chance to express your creativity through writing assignments. Rewarding work! Our Advocacy Coordinators engage citizens on important issues facing America. Click here to apply
  12. Work From Home Jobs Jobs that may be readily performed from a home office include: * Freelance Author Though freelance writing is not a new profession, there are many new opportunities for talented authors who desire to work from home. Blogging, writing technical articles and manuals, and creating web copy, as well as the traditional venues of authoring magazine articles and writing marketing copy are all readily performed from the home office. In addition, freelance writers are able to set their own schedules and work around other aspects of life, such as the family. * Virtual Assistant A relatively new field has emerged to accommodate sales professionals and other business people who work remotely and require the help of a couple of extra hands. The job of Virtual Assistant may be performed from a home office that is set up with the necessary business equipment. You will probably need a broadband Internet connection, as well as a relatively fast computer, a phone line and maybe a fax machine. Opportunities for virtual assistants may be found on many telecommuting job lists. * Medical Billing, Coding and Transcription Though medical transcription, as well as billing and coding jobs are not new, the option to work these positions from home is becoming increasingly more popular. Additionally, with the bulk of the population aging into seniorhood, more medical professionals are needed in the workforce. If your area of expertise lies in medical billing, coding or transcription, you will most likely find plenty of work to keep you buzzing in your home office. * Translation and Media Transcription As long as there is a need for documents and articles to be translated into other languages, there will be work for translators. Translation is yet another job title that may be accomplished from the home office. Additionally, media transcribers are often needed for creating documents from audio or video recordings. Qualitative marketing professionals, as well as academic researchers often require the services of transcribers. If you are able to transcribe at a rapid speed, and if you have access to a population of academics or marketing professionals, media transcription may be the work-from-home job for you. Create Your Own Opportunities Other options for work-at-home opportunities may be generated from your own creativity and resourcefulness. For example, you might start and host a blog that attracts sponsors and advertisers. You may actually replace your corporate income in a few short months by developing your blogging skills and techniques. Another option might be to become a social media marketing expert. The newest thing in corporate marketing is finding that social networking guru who will market a company brand or product on the various social networks. Master the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, and you just may find that you are able to generate a paycheck from friending people and creating relationships on these social media networks. Click here to apply and earn without investment!!!
  13. Guest

    Full or Part Time Work

    Professional Sales People Needed to Fill Positions: Work from home or office position Earn $100 - 200 per day or more Training program provided. Computer and access to Internet necessary Flexible hours: F/T or P/T Go to http://instantmoneyn...ifercooldouglas for job details. Any questions, call or text 678-506-0782
  14. $25, $100, $500...You keep100%commissions! Just by bloggin daily! Empower Network is one of the hottest online business that will result in monthly earnings right into your bank account. All is required is that you write and publish your blog daily on whatever topic you choose. You can also write & blog about the same product that this company has to offer. If you do not have your own business then it is about time you started, home base business is one of the greatest tax havens you could ever start and save $$$$ around tax time. Please at least listen the story of this young homeless man living in his van along with his girl friend and how he turn his life around financially. True Story! Go to my website below and hear his story. You keep100%commissions! Just by bloggin daily! http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=webiz
  15. I am ready to quit mine! Justbeenpaid is gonna help me do this and it can help you too. They are up to nearly 2 million members now and steadily growing, so 2 million people cannot be wrong about this program. You can start today with a FREE $10.00. Feel free to use this calculator to see what you could be making. http://tripler.justbeenpaid.com/calculat... This is a guaranteed income folks and a true NO BRAINIER. What you make and how fast you make it all depends on you. This is not a scheme or scam or ponzi. It is legit! We have live conference rooms with 24/7 live support and you can talk to 100's of other members who will share their success stories with you. Can you imagine taking $500.00, and turning it into $500.00 a day a year from now? Well, it's being done and I am here to tell you that this is the BEST program I have ever found online. They provide you will everything for FREE and they are there to help you succeed! For those who have doubts, then take a few minutes and watch the tutorials and read through the glossary. Everything is explained including "where the money comes from". What are y'all waiting for? Hop on the money train! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Click on the link below to join and I will follow up with you and walk you through everything you need to know. http://adv.justbeenpaid.com/?r=EC3wEbXM2... And let me tell you, it doesn't matter if you are lazy or motivated, this is set up to work for ANYONE. I also want to add this in for those who are so quick to assume this is "illegal" From their website: "Dedicated to legal compliance with international regulations, JBP is excited to announce the addition of our globally respected legal team. Seasoned in the realm of innovative business models, Jardine Law Offices in (Salt Lake City, Utah) is our primary source for legal counsel. This new department addition will ensure that Just Been Paid is acquiescent with all laws and regulations in every area that we serve."
  16. Learn the JUICE from this young man on internet marketing. Learn his simple techniques he used to build massive income. The how to steps to marketing any product. Check it out here. http://gteamaffiliates.weebly.com