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    Do not depend on others for happiness. Find happiness within yourself. When people attack you or criticize you, you can be that much stronger because you know who you are. Stand firm in your values...base them on truth. My truth is God. When life seems to fall apart around you, don't focus on the circumstances. Instead, know that you are, in essence, okay and that there is something to gain from every situation. You will grow and become stronger and gain wisdom as a result. When people hurt you or put you down, know that they only do it because they see a reflection of themselves that they judge about themselves or are in denial of the truth within themselves. It is easier to look at a needle in another person's eye than the log in their own. Instead of praying for the thunderstorm to end, ask God rather, to show you how to dance in the rain
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    Hello World

    I am here to change the world through my own research and understanding of what true wholeness and well being is.