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  1. Doug

    Anyone interest in computer hardware

    ...really? I love proprietary hardware! I especially love data acquisitions allowing for extended sensing of various variables, inturn allowing for advanced controls of mechanical equipment and robotic behaviors. The immediate future of cloud computing is another one of my current interests. Are you familiar with Microsoft Azure? I think everyone involved in infrastructure should be keenly aware of whats going on over at Microsoft... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ44hEr5DFE No problem for us "desktop" geeks, I say bring it on Bill! What's your opinion of this eminently emerging environment?
  2. Doug


    EBAY AUCTION ENDS JULY 13, 2012 SAME OWNER SINCE 1988 This car drives great, but needs some work. Due to a disabling injury it is up for sale. I purchased this car in 1988 with 87k miles. Around 8 years ago, I decided to invest in a bunch of needed repairs for a fun and safe daily commute to work. The car has been kept as complete and original as possible, and is truely a blast to drive. I spent a few thousand fitting a correct 390 crate engine with a low-end-touque RV cam, and getting the car roadworthy. I also added new 9" posi-traction 3.70:1 third member rear differential, making this car perform the way they all should have! The brakes where completely overhauled, and today work like new. A lot of work went into the steering system, as did the suspension. All 4 springs had been replaced back in the mid '90s and still hold their stance firm. The black with wood-grain-trim interior is in good over-all condition with no cracks in the dash, and with all of the original instrumentation working. The door panels are in average condition showing some wear on the driver's side. The front passenger seat sits low from missing seat-foam, while the very well functioning power driver’s seat has been partially recovered (lower section), and refoamed; and it now has a 5" inch split in the middle of the backrest. The other seats are original, and in great shape with no wear showing. The passenger side of the car looks great from 20 feet with only a few scratches and paint dings, but on the other side, the driver's door has been refitted with a solid replacement and the driver's fender has a basketball sized dent. The door seals and trunk seal had been redone in the mid '90s, but the passenger door and trunk seal both leaked rusting a whole in the front passenger floor, and another small hole in the trunk. There are several surface rust spots on the trunk-lid, and the typical areas with rust-bubbling around the lower fender wells. RECENT EXPENSE HISTORY (repiepts included): - CORRECT CRATE ENGINE: 390ci V-8 6.4L (NEW PROFORMANCE POWERTRAIN 2005) - CRANE POWERMAX CAM KIT (INSTALLED WITH NEW ENGINE - 2005) - PERTRONIX IGNITOR II ELECTRONIC IGNITION WITH FLAMETHROWER COIL (NEW 2005) - RADIATOR (NEW/REBUILT 2005) - POWER STEERING PUMP (NEW/REBUILT 2007) - POWER STEERING GEARBOX AND PITMAN ARM (NEW/REBUILT 2007) - STRUT ARM BUSHINGS (NEW 2007) - LOWER BALL JOINTS (NEW 2007) - LOWER CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS (NEW 2007) - FRONT TIRES AND FRONT-END ALIGNMENT (NEW 2007) - MASTER BRAKE CYLINDER (NEW 2007) - REAR BRAKE CYLINDERS AND SHOES (NEW 2007) - FRONT DISC BRAKE CALIPERS HOSES AND PADS RESURFACED ROTORS(NEW 2007) - SHOCK ABSORBERS (NEW 2006 EXTRA HEAVY DUTY GAS CHARGED) - OVERSIZED SWAY-BAY KIT & POLY-GRAPHITE BUSHINGS (NEW 2006) - 9" REAR AXEL WAS UPGRADED TO 3.70:1 POSI-TRACTION (NEW 2006) OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FROM FACTORY: - TOWN LANDAU PACKAGE WITH BLACK VINYL TOP - IVY GREEN METALLIC PAINT - POWER WINDOWS - POWER VENT WINDOWS - POWER DOOR LOCKS - 6-WAY POWER DRIVER’S SEAT - AIR CONDITIONING - SEQUENTIAL TURN SIGNALS - SWING-AWAY STEERING WHEEL - FENDER SKIRTS COLLECTOR'S PARTS THE BUYER CAN HAVE IF DESIRED: - LEFT OVER STEERING BOX PITMAN ARM - BRAKE CALIPER CORES, SPARE CALIPER HOSES, BRAKE CYLINDER CORES - OLD SUSPENSION PARTS - CORRECT ORIGINAL REAR-GEAR 3RD-MEMBER WITH 3.00:1 RATIO DIFFERENTIAL NOTABLE CONSIDERATIONS: - FRONT-PASS. FLOOR PANEL HAS RUST HOLE - SMALL RUST HOLE IN THE TRUNK - NEEDS DRIVER'S FENDER DENT REPAIR - NEEDS MINOR RUST REPAIR - POWER WINDOWS WORK INTERMITTENTLY (1 WORKS WELL) - POWER DOOR LOCKS ARE STICKY - AIR CONDITIONING NEEDS REGULAR SERVICE AND A NEW BELT (OTHERWISE INTACT) - EXHAUST SYSTEM IS LEAKY - THE CARPET IS WORN OUT - THE DRIVER'S SEAT HAS A SMALL SPLIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BACKREST Rare, drivable and very fun classic Thunderbird with a very desirable color scheme. Doug White's 1966 Thunderbird - 6/10/2012 $2,325.00 is the current qualifying bid! GOTO EBAY AUCTION NOW Doug White's 1966 Thunderbird - 7/10/2012
  3. Doug


    $2,000.00 is the qualifying opening bid. To set an appointment to see the car, please use the ebay "ask the seller a question" form. Click Here to visit the ebay auction now
  4. Doug

    Gifts for your mom

    ... time is running out. thanks for the reminder Hernandezd. I love my Mother too
  5. Doug

    One Special Mom

    A special tribute to a very special Mom. Thank you for everthing you do; we Love you Carmen :) Click the image to begin the Mother's Day at Mount Vernon slideshow
  6. Enjoy the Festival Even More By Becoming a Volunteer The National Cherry Blossom Festival has several key events that showcase performing arts of different genres. The Festival welcomes the interest and participation of performers and performance groups to be a part of the celebration at these venues: Performance Stage at Sylvan Theater Every day of the Festival (March 31 – April 15, 2012), artists can perform on the Festival’s primary stage – in the shadow of the Washington Monument. Join recognized and diverse talent from around the region, country, and world, including all genres of music and dance, martial arts, marching bands, and more. Jefferson Memorial Stage Set before the steps of the Jefferson Memorial (April 19 – 22, 2012), jazz takes center stage during the latter portion of the 2012 National Cherry Blossom Festival. NOTE: the application will adapt to offer the Jefferson Memorial Stage as a performance venue to jazz-related performers, and cannot be requested individually. Why Volunteer? By volunteering for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, its events largely free and open to the public, you support an important event in and for our community. You’ll also have the opportunity to make new friends and have fun. Join us in welcoming the many visitors and residents to the Festival! Who Can Volunteer? We seek friendly, cooperative, and reliable volunteers who are at least 18 years of age. Knowledge about Washington, DC and the surrounding area is especially helpful – many visitors are from out of town and may need advice getting around! If you have special needs or represent a group or individual with special needs, please e-mail Sue Murphy. Not all volunteer jobs are appropriate for all people. Volunteer Requirements: In order for the Festival to schedule and communicate with volunteers effectively, volunteers must: Sign up for volunteer shifts via the on-line form hosted by Volunteer Hub. Volunteer registration is now open. Register here. Be able to understand, agree, and follow the volunteer requirements of the Festival as detailed on this page and in the Registration Form. Complete volunteer assignment(s) in a satisfactory way – arrive on time, stay the duration of your “shift(s)”, wear a volunteer shirt provided by the Festival, and represent the Festival in an enthusiastic, professional, and positive manner. Notify the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible if your availability changes. Volunteer Assignments: Volunteers assist the Festival in a variety of ways including but not limited to event set-up, execution, and breakdown; attendee interaction; and site maintenance and clean-up. Festival events requiring significant volunteer support include Family Day & Opening Ceremony, Washington Monument Welcome Area, Performance Stage at Sylvan Theater, Blossom Kite Festival, and the Parade. To volunteer for opportunities with Festival partners and participating organizations: National Park Service Tidal Basin Welcome Tent & Recycling Program E-mail Ed Petru The Japan-America Society of Washington DC’s Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival More information Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run More information Cherry Blossom Soccer Tournament E-mail Alex Bearman Important Note: DON’T DOUBLE-BOOK YOURSELF! When completing the registration form and/or volunteering for a partner organization, PLEASE take care not to create conflicts by stating availability / interest in events with concurrent or overlapping dates and times, or by committing to multiple shifts on the same day with less than an hour in between. By registering to volunteer, you hold harmless and indemnify the National Cherry Blossom Festival, its affiliated companies, officers, directors, sponsors and employees from and against any loss, damage liability, claims, cost and expense including legal fees which may be incurred by reason of your volunteer participation in the National Cherry Blossom Festival, unless such claims are a result of gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. [source...]
  7. Has anyone been to the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival event? I've never heard of a "fireworks festival" before. Is the entire event fireworks themed, with explosive foods and firey fluids? Usually you just see a fireworks show and not Firewoks festival.
  8. Doug

    The amazing storys of St Valentine

    My dream girl is a fake! ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5jLxiHrrVw But the producer of the EOn Flux series from MTV's liquid television Peter Chung, is a genius!
  9. Doug

    Washington DC Romantic Getaways

    Don't forget how close the beach is to us here in the DC area. Without the crowds of summertime, Ocean City is the way to go for the perfect romantic getaway.
  10. Our ANNUAL VALENTINE LOVE LETTER CONTEST begins on January 25, 2012. Enter and win some of our truly unique Valentine's Day gifts to be delivered to your special someone. No purchase necessary to win. Prize Winners will win either; The Sweetest Day Message In A Bottle, I Love You Message and Heart Box, The Orb of Eros, or The Philia Ball. CLICK HERE TO ENTER
  11. Doug

    Valentine's Day Love Poems

    Please enter your poems and love letters to win 1 of 4 gifts from UniqueValentineGift.com. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OFFICIAL RULES
  12. Doug

    My Dog Is Dying

    Luke is right. No one has eve, or will ever, know "what to do" when this happens to the one's we love. Cherrish the wonderful blessing their presence in your life has been by always remembering how much better life is having had them at all.
  13. Doug

    Christmas discount code

    Save time and money! use the discount code W3015303673 to receive 10% off any order at any time! www.WhiteHouseChristmasOrnament.com
  14. I like SiteTrail.com for a free resource. Just enter your domain name after the http://www.sitetrail.com/ like this: http://www.sitetrail.com/yourdomainname.com.
  15. use discount code : blackfriday and receive a whopping 20% off any purchase at DCGiftShop.com