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    Infusion Athletic Training named official off-ice provider for NHDP(Network Hockey Development Program), Craig Laughlin's, color analyst for comcast sportsnet, program.
  2. strengthcoach

    Bowie State Football

    I wanted to recognize Bennie Watson(Einstein H.S.)for being accepted to Bowie State Football. Strengthcoach.
  3. strengthcoach

    Bethesda Soccer Testing

    Derek, Yes. What team and where? Strengthcoach.
  4. strengthcoach

    Bethesda Soccer Testing

    Soccer specific testing, i.e. 10m, 20m, and 30m sprints, vertical, 505 agility, 300 yard shuttle, and Cooper test, has been done for 3 teams. Seven more to go. Strengthcoach.
  5. strengthcoach

    Madieu Williams

    I wanted to recognize Madieu Williams, an Infusion Athletic Training client, and his winning of The Walter Peyton Award for his service to people. Strengthcoach.
  6. strengthcoach

    Bethesda Soccer Testing

    As the Bethesda Soccer Performance Coach I am responsible for all facets of sports specific training for the Boys U14-U18 teams. This next week we will be conducting soccer specific testing for the teams which will include the following tests: Vertical using the "Just Jump", 10, 20 and 30 meter sprints, 505 agility, 300 yard shuttle, and Cooper aerobic test. I will let you know how it goes next week. Strengthcoach.
  7. strengthcoach

    Football Speed and Agility

    Football speed and agility sessions start the week of Jan. 3. Sessions will take place at Rockville Fitness and will run 60 minutes. The program will be taught by Jim Fox, owner of Infusion Athletic Training, Inc. Sign up and start preparing for next season now.
  8. strengthcoach

    Landon Lacrosse Senior Luke Howard

    Check out this great article about one of my clients, Luke Howard. http://mdhigh.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1056113. Welcome to the Infusion Athletic Training family.
  9. strengthcoach

    Early Speed Training

    Yes. Let me know. I have some programs starting this week. Strengthcoach.
  10. strengthcoach

    Early Speed Training

    I just offered a speed and agility program for football that is going to start in January and was surprised at how many parents wanted their 8 year olds to participate in my program which is 10 and up. I had to think quickly what I could offer to these young athletes and I came up with a 30 minute speed and agility class specifically for young athletes. The object of the class is to teach, not condition, but to learn how to run which is very much a neuromuscular activity which requires resting between sets. The 30 minute versus 60 minute differential between the 10 and 8 year old class is due to the maturity level and just a lack of focus over the 30 minute mark in the younger group. What a difference in training philosophy then say 10 years ago. We are starting much younger with our athletes and having them reach important milestones earlier and earlier, but let's remember that they are still kids and that they have a lifetime of sports and fitness ahead of them. The conditioning class starts January 4th at Rockville Fitness on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-7:30. For further details please reach me at jimfox@dcemail.com. Look for my message board about teaching running in the next few days. Thanks. Strengthcoach. Schedule an appointment with me.
  11. strengthcoach

    Building Muscles in Lower Body

    Great Study. This can really help alot of athletes with leg strength without lifting weights. Strengthcoach.
  12. strengthcoach

    Speed and Agility Programs

    Infusion Athletic Training will be offering several different speed and agility programs specifically for Lacrosse and Football. The programs will be offered at Rockville Fitness tiwce per week for a one hour session. Sessions will be run by Jim Fox, Head Performance Coach and Predident of Infusion Athletic Training. Jim has been the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with The Washington Capitals as well as American University. Look for further details to come.
  13. strengthcoach

    Navy Football

    Please check out the Navy/SMU game tomorrow. My client, Ashby Christian(Dematha), should be getting some significant playing time. Good luck Navy. Strengthcoach.
  14. strengthcoach

    Early Youth Speed Training

    Lately I have been working with alot of young athletes. The age at which youth are beginning specialized training has slowly declined since I began strength and conditioning athletes 20 years ago. What I propose is get your son or daughter to work with a coach who is qualified and avoid situations which your athlete is taught incorrect techniques which they have to relearn later. A good way to avoid this is to check referrals and ask the coach what their experience with youth training is. As far as speed development is concerned beginning at an age of 8 can be beneficial in order to catch the youth before they hve been taught incorrectly. What types of activities can be done at an early age to insure proper speed building blocks. Firstly, having athletes at an early age play games that utilize acceleration and agility while competing. These types of games prepare the child plyometrically in their feet to rapidly plant and stride with their foot contacts which is essential for good speed mechanics at a later date. Start the athletes with simple drills such as wall drills which empahsize proper stride position and slowly incorporate moving activities. As the youth developes more sophisticated activities can be utilized but not until the child is ready and has reached important milestones. Take each athletes case seperately and avoid cookie cutter routines because each child is different.
  15. strengthcoach

    Top Dawg Showcase

    Top showcase was a complete success with more than 300 of the top area Senior football players demonstrating their skills as well as over 30 college coaches on hand to grade the performance.
  16. strengthcoach

    Top Dawg Showcase

    Sorry, but who is Brandon Jennings? Jim Fox.
  17. strengthcoach

    Top Dawg Showcase

    Randy. The information is www.playmakerreport.com. The owner is Donnie Zimmerman. Thanks. Jim Fox.
  18. strengthcoach

    Top Dawg Showcase

    I will be apart of the performance coaching staff at this showcase featuring the top 300 football players from the area. Many college coaches will be on hand to evaluate the prospects.
  19. Over the weekend I had an unusual call from all places, China. A friend of mine was traveling in China and ran into a gentlemen who worked for the Chinese Women's National Ice Hockey team and was in need of a strength and conditioning coach. My friend suggested me and within the next two days I had an offer on the table and plane tickets ready to be purchased. I also had some decisions to make. Opportunity of a lifetime or my family. Guess which one I went with? Sometimes it's nice to dream, but being realistic isn't bad either. Strengthcoach.
  20. strengthcoach

    NFL Program

    The National Football League High School Player Development Program began this week with over 150 kids showing up from 6 different High Schools. I was choosen as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the program and worked with the troops to get them warmed up and go over the basics of speed training. I even had a chance to meet Joe Jacoby on Wed. What a treat! Strengthcoach.
  21. strengthcoach

    NFL Program

    I am a performance coach for Infusion Athletic Training Inc. 301-717-0860 or jimfox@dcemail.com.
  22. strengthcoach

    NFL Program

    No. I didn't have my phone on me. He was at the event recruiting for Appalachian State.
  23. strengthcoach

    Summer Off-Ice Training

    The pro shop at Rockville Ice Arena.
  24. strengthcoach

    Summer Off-Ice Training

    Summer Off-Ice Training starts next week for all local area Ice Hockey Players. Training will take place at Rockville Fitness, www.rockvillefitness.com, on Monday-6-7:30, Wed.-5:30-7, and Sat.-noon-1:30. Cost is $20 per athlete which includes entrance fee into the facility. For more information please email, jimfox@dcemail.com or call 301-717-0860. Thanks. Strengthcoach.
  25. strengthcoach

    Summer Off-Ice Training

    Yes, and with more participants it can get even lower. Strengthcoach.