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  1. tiptoe39

    Meridian Park Concerts

    I am getting so sick and tired of these concerts that happen every Saturday and Sunday in Meridian park/Malcolm X park. I am all for music and what not, but these things go on for HOURS and they are piped up so loud that I can get no respite from them even in my own apartment (16th & Crescent). I actually have to wear earplugs for hours on end. In my own apartment! And the earplugs don't even drown it out, because the bass is piped up so high that I can literally FEEL it. It'd be okay if they wanted to do it every so often, or if it would last two hours... but today's has been going on since 2 and it's almost 7! Does anyone else sympathize with me here? This is something the leasing agent certainly didn't mention when she was trying to get me to pay a thousand bucks a month for this apartment! Praying for a little sympathy (and a TUMS for the upset stomach the rolling bass gives me), Jen
  2. When I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the speaker at the ceremony told us, "I have one thing to ask of you all. Get into politics. And by politics I don't mean choose a pet cause. You need to get involved in the whole process of it. Understand that to put money toward one thing takes it away from another, and that there are comprimises that need to be made." Assuming that a no vote means a candidate is against what seems like the obvious good is a simplistic way of thinking. There could be issues about how money is appropriated. The bill could include other items that a candidate feels are not appropriate to lump in with the relevant cause. A candidate may change his/her vote on two seemingly similar bills because the terms are more or less agreeable in the second bill. Keep this in mind when you look at voting records and suddenly it will seem a lot less black and white. To me, a candidate who weighs the options carefully and votes thoughtfully on each individual bill is the better choice than one who seems to see everything in black and white. Just MHO. tiptoe39
  3. tiptoe39

    The 11th Annual "aki- Matsuri"

    wai! wai! ikitai no! ikitai no! but.... chotto matte...~~~~ in maryland? Is there Metro service up there? tiptoe39 itsumo nihongo no kaiwa no aite o sagashiteiruu~~~
  4. tiptoe39

    What Neighborhood Am I In?

    I live on 16th St. and Crescent, right across from Meridian Hill/Malcom X Park. I'm dying to go into my neighborhood forum and complain about the stupid drum concert that gives me weekly headaches but the problem is, I don't know really whether I count as Adams Morgan or Dupont or whatever. I feel like I'm more or less on the dividing line. How about providing some maps to give poor girls like me a place to whine? jen