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    House Of The Dead

    I was surfing around on the Apple Trailer's Site, and found a preview for House of the Dead. C######ed on it and found out that they are turning the video game into a movie. Basic premise: Bunch of college kids head to an island for the party of the year, but when they get there nobody is around, and of course all hell breaks loose from there.
  2. thearchgu

    Mac Or Pc

    Mac - all the way.
  3. thearchgu

    Young Republicans

    how old do you have to be in order to be involved with Young Republicans?
  4. thearchgu

    Neverwinter Nights

    Does anyone have any opinons on this new game? From what I can gather it is supposed to be great for 1 player or get even better as a multi-player.
  5. thearchgu


    what kind of resume advise do you want? There are several types of resumes that you can choose from. I would suggest picking one that focuses on your strengths. For example if you just got out of college and do not have very much work experience, focus on your class work instead of your lack of actual professional work.