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    Where's a cool place to watch football on Sundays. I'm a little new to the area and don't know anyone or anywhere to go to watch games. Suggestions??? Redhead_22
  2. Redhead_22

    Dc Metro Social Club

    What do you all know about DC Metro Social Club? I was sent an invitation e-mail from them by some one at work. It looks like a lot of fun and boozin' but I was hoping to get a response from someone who has actually gone to one of these things. Redhead_22
  3. Redhead_22

    Where To Go

    What are you to talking about?
  4. Redhead_22

    Anyone Out There?

    Sorry, I haven't checked the board in awhile. I gave up after not getting any kind of response for a week. Sean you sound nice but I don't know about meeting up. There's all that crazy crap you hear about when people meet after talking on-line. Tell me more about yourself. Redhead_22