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  1. Metrorail Metrochecks 4 Sale

    I have (2) $20 face value metro checks available for sale at $10 each. Interested parties can contact me at candi_gyrl926@yahoo.ca. These are available on a first come first serve basis. Thanks
  2. Auto Parts For Sale

    I will contact him to find out exactly what he has and what he can get. Last I talked with him he had bumpers, dashboards and so forth. I'll get back to you. We are located in PG County, MD. The items can be shipped if need be. Sorry they aren't online. Pictures can be supplied upon request. Thanks
  3. Auto Parts For Sale

    I have a friend who has a wide selection of auto parts for sale. Parts range from such makers as Cadillac to Nissan. For those who may be interested contact me @ candi_gyrl926@yahoo.ca. Located in the DC/MD area.