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  1. Some women find it easier to talk with or receive advice from a man. A male life coach can be supportive, compassionate, and helpful in giving your life direction. If you need help to navigate the obsticles that prevent you from reaching your goals try a male life coach.
  2. jerryj

    One on One Fitness Trainer

    Going to the gym became difficult and boring so I found a personal fitness trainer who is my exercise companion and I only have to pay him when I use him. No contract or gym fees. If I want to ride bikes, golf, or walk, it's great. This message is especially for all my friends and church members, because most of them read these boards Gastric Bypass friends should try it because you can work off the excess flab in private. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Family Love

    Thank you for sending this link, I will look into it.
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    Family Love

    My brother is a goodlooking 30 something man with a college education who has put his life on hold to help everyone in our family. Our grandmother is 89 and doctors don't expect her to live much longer because of a heart condition, our mother is 70 and has kidney and other health issues, our father has given 30 years of military service to this country and he is 71 and almost completely blind. I suffer from a heart problem and asthma. Without my brothers help, all of us would be worse off than we are. He devotes his time to running everyone back and forth to doctors appointments, making sure his niece and nephew who are both away in college have what they need, he helps to take care of two houses, and he is missing out on a wonderful life of his own. He is kind, unselfish, and god fearing, and because of us he has not been able to get out and date or make meaningful friends that understand his compassion for others. All of us are too sickly to do anything for his birthday and we ask, if there are others who love their family as my brother loves his, please email a Happy Birthday wish to him. Saturday is my brothers birthday, please email birthday wishes to him at dre332@dcemail Thank you so much!
  5. Let people who care about your weight issues offer their friendship and support. No one will judge you, only help you, laugh, have fun, and be supportive. Join one of the nicest personal trainers on Capitol hill for free food, fun, music, and friendship. No cost, just come and mingle with others. Friday Sept 8, 2006 at the Grand Slam Restaraunt located inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel at 1000 H. Street, N.W., Washington DC, at 8pm-10pm questions, email jerryj @ dcemail
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    Meet and Greet

    Thank you to those who came