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    Getting Your Music Sponsored

    Getting Your Music Sponsored: www.TalentFunding.com is a networking site which connects bands with sponsors. Similar to how Tiger Woods wears a Nike symbol on his hat, or the way Nascar cars have logos on them, or the way the local little league baseball team gets sponsored, you too can talk to potential sponsors about giving you money to display their name and/or logo. There is no charge to register and search at www.TalentFunding.com . Also there are tons of free articles which explain the music sponsorship process: http://www.TalentFunding.com/MusicArticles/List.aspx Hope you like it, Bryan
  2. Site2

    Music Sponsorships

    I'm looking for folks who are looking to sponsor bands, in order to get the sponsor's name and/or logo exposed to the public (a la Nike and Tiger Woods). Our how-to articles are here http://www.TalentFunding.com/MusicArticles/List.aspx Hope they are of use, Bryan
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    Funds for Marketing

    I know there must be some people who are done recording and pressing, and who are now looking for funding so they can do some marketing. I've put some info up that may help with this... it's part of an overall site, but the info itself is grouped into how-to type articles about getting sponsors for your band. They are here: http://www.TalentFunding.com/MusicArticles/List.aspx Hope they are of use, Bryan