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    Background Check Essentials

    There is no disputing the importance of conducting background checks in today’s society. The benefits of comprehensive background checks are felt not only by business owners but by the individual customer. From CEO's to housewives more and more people are beginning to view background checks as a pro-active risk management strategy. The question many are asking is, “can I afford not to conduct a background check?” “Can I afford not to protect myself, my family, or my business when the cost of acquiring such information is becoming increasingly more cost effective?” What used to cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to uncover can now be quickly and easily obtained at a fraction of the cost. There are a few important components of a background check that need to be discussed. In order for any background check to be considered thorough both an SSN trace and a criminal record check must be conducted. There are many different types of criminal record searches. They can be narrowed easily into two main categories: database criminal record searches and onsite criminal record searches. The most thorough criminal record check available will always be an onsite search. Database searches, as we all know are fallible, but are a cost effective means of research. It is only at the onsite level that social security numbers can be used for criminal record verification purposes. Sadly, the criminal record system is not as refined or accessible as the background check system. Thanks to credit card companies, telemarketers, and marketing research firms an individual’s residence history, bankruptcies, relatives, and alias names can be determined with speed and efficiency. The criminal record system is entirely the opposite. The system is antiquated to say the least. Due to many different state and county reporting practices and regulations it is not uncommon for criminal records to “slip through the cracks.” This lack of proper reporting can be dangerous both to businesses and individual citizens. This risk can be averted by conducting manual onsite criminal record searches along with SSN verifications for every subject. Alias names are a crucial aspect of any background check. It is because of alias names, that SSN verifications are so important in conducting a thorough background check. Most of us have what are considered alias names. Allow me to explain, a John Wayne Smith can show up via public record as John Smith, John W Smith, JW Smith, J Wayne Smith, Johnny W Smith, etc. and the list goes on. Public record may list an individual’s personal information in many different ways. Therefore, it is very important that a human researcher of some kind review and compile any comprehensive background check. There will never be a substitute for human reason. Remember that identity thieves are not always strangers. They could be co-workers, friends, relatives, roommates, and others physically or emotionally close to you. Thieves often steal from people they know, sometimes because they know you are unlikely to suspect them, and sometimes because they know you are unlikely to punish them. You may learn more about protecting your identity at http://www.unlimited-backgroundcheck.com In conclusion, one would be well advised to find a company that specializes in this type of service. There are many companies out there that offer only one service or the other. A criminal check is not complete without an SSN verification or background check, nor is a background check complete without a criminal record search and SSN verification. They indeed go hand in hand. Beware of any company that cannot or does not offer both, because the information returned may not be complete or accurate. In today’s society you really can’t afford not to conduct a comprehensive background check.
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