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  1. ORGANIC or INORGANIC SEX IN DC The District of Columbia is said to be a place where its residents are some of the biggest consumers of artificial sexual devices which can be purchased in about twelve different stores around the city. Nowhere is sex a bigger issue than when one of our local political leaders gets caught up in an affair, a peep show, in the bathroom at Union Station or more. There is not doubting that sex is one of the biggest money makers but the sex toy industry is bigger than many might believe as not too many people want to admit that they have to resort to sex toys to get their jollies.
  2. FBI ESTALBISHES CORRUPTION TASK FORCE IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA It has been no hidden secret that northern Virginia but specifically Arlington County has been riddled with corruption from its courts, office of commonwealth attorney down to its council. Now that these hillbilly rednecks of northern Virginia are getting the taste of the good life, The FBI and nine other federal agencies are targeting government corruption in Northern Virginia, an initiative spurred by the glut of federal dollars flowing into the region. The task force will includes inspector general staff from the Department of Transportation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Postal Service, Small Business Administration and Department of Education. Probably the most corrupt northern Virginia official is Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney Richard E. Trodden who has been guilty of selective prosecution based upon race, color, national origin and using the tools of bringing, maintaining and keeping on the books false criminal charges against people he dislikes, and when and only when money is slipped under the table to him through a defendant's attorney does he drop the charge. Northern Virginia has had a free hand for years but may now finally get cleaned up by the feds with people going to jail.
  3. IT IS TIME FOR DC POLICE CHIEF CATHY LANIER TO GO Under DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, homicides, violent crimes, home invasions and more have climbed rapidly and steadily. Last night, May 25-26, there were 7 more shootings across the District with 3 fatalities. How much longer does the District have to endure the failed policies and incompetence of Cathy Lanier who got the job only because she covered up Mayor Adrian Fenty’s years of spousal abuse?
  4. THE CULTURE WARS -ABORTION RIGHTS The culture wars are making a sudden and unexpected encore in American politics, turning more ferocious virtually by the hour as activists on both sides of the ideological divide react to the addition of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket. The campaign of Democrat Barack Obama put up an ad in at least seven key states Tuesday lambasting GOP nominee-to-be John McCain as an enemy of abortion rights. Most people who support abortion rights also support rights for homosexuals which deeply shows their level of immorality and perverted value system. Over 2,000,000 women each year abort their unborn in the USA as an alternative form of birth control and not because carrying the baby to full term would endanger the mother and child. Thus opponents of abortion have a valid arguments to stem the grounds under which an abortion should be allowed just like the pro choice people have a right to ask if you knew that your child would be born deformed shouldn't you have a right to stop a potential suffering. Under this logic, Mayor Fenty's mother should have aborted him because of his serious mental defect.
  5. With thirtyeight (38) states and seven (7) more soon to amend their constitution and/or laws to forbid same sex adoption and marriage in response to aggressive demands by the Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender community to be allowed to adopt and marry, GAY BASHING has once again become politically not incorrect with so much of it popping up on TV (Tonight Show, Mad TV, Saturday Night Live, Dave Letterman, and etcetera). The dislike for GLBT people nationwide was seen the past two weeks in America's reaction to the folly of Congressman Tom Foley of Florida. The reality is, once the GLBT community came forward with their demands for equality, America answered with a big HELL NO and the increase in GAY BASHING is seen from shore to shore, on TV, heard on radio shows and nobody can deny it is rampant.
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    Now the Red Hot Chili Peppers has a greatest hits CD out which seems to be mastered with better sound than the original songs did.
  7. THE REAL DC UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS 9%! The real unemployment rate in DC is 9.0% not the 6.6% reported by the DC Dept of Employment Services. The unemployment rate is just reflective of those who are collecting unemployment but it does not included those who did not apply, were denied or who have already exhausted their benefits. The higher unemployment rate in DC can be blamed on the policies of Mayor Adrian Fenty and the DC City Council for reasons too long to list here. As a matter of fact, the Fenty Administration has been exporting jobs to other parts of the country and overseas with it various contracts with firms like ACS and others to handle a large portion of the District's needs. Most new jobs in DC are not created by the DC government but by and surrounding the US government.
  8. WHO KILLED CHANDRA LEVY? The Washington Post is wrapping up a several part story about what went wrong in the case of the murder of Chandra Levy. The story seems to suggest that an illegal alien from El Salvador might be the culprit. I have a theory that the real culprit is Loose Lips of the Washington City Paper; a paranoid schizophrenic reporter who was desperate for a story and spent a good amount of his time in Rock Creek Park under the influence of alcohol which only exacerbated his mental illness and delusional processes: E.g. Mistaking local political candidates as being other people and more. Keep in mind that I am not accusing anyone of anything but just expressing a theory.
  9. Greetings Ward 3 Businesss and Voters: My name is Jonathan R. Rees and I am running for the ward 3 city council seat because I believe that I can better represent the values and views of the Residents and Business Owners of Ward 3. In 2006, the voters of ward 3 made a serious mistake by voting in Mary Cheh after buying all the media and other hype that she was the next Kathy Patterson but her tenure on our city council will sadly prove that she is not, but more liking to Sharon Pratt-Kelly in all that she does and fails to do on the city council. I believe that my more than 24 years of lobbying and management experience in the food, health care and legislative industries, has given me the experience needed to be an effective council member. I want the residents of Ward 3 to have a Council Member who represents them which Mary Cheh has already shown she will not do by whom she aligned herself with. I am "that" person who will do for you what Mary Cheh will fail to do as I will not do what Mary Cheh has; namely, I will not stab the businesses and voters in the back and cave in to special interest groups as she did late in her 2006, campaign. In 2006, Mary Cheh won the Democrats’ nomination by the (smallest percentage) of any candidate to be nominated in ward 3, and that is because, most of you saw her as not being the best choice, not shooting straight and being in the pockets of GWU and people who want to over-develop ward 3. When I ran in the 2006, primary, I did so more as a test run by only spending $500.00, use of the internet and friends but for the 2010 primary, I will be heavily financed, heavily backed on the streets of ward 3 and build alliances of people who did not vote for Mary Cheh. If you are one of the 24,000 Democrats in ward 3 who did not vote for or want to see Mary Cheh as our next Council Member and think we can do better, then contact me now so together we can build a strong opposition to her and in 2010 make her a one term council member. Contact me at jrrees2006@verizon.net and let’s begin early to build an alliance to make sure that Mary Cheh is a one term council member! Respectfully yours, Jonathan R. Rees
  10. DOES MAYOR FENTY HAVE AIDS? Unless you have been living on another planet, it is no real secret that DC Mayor Adrian McGreevy Fenty is as gay as anybody can get and is living in a phony marriage of convenience. The question running through the minds of many is, does Fenty have AIDS. The foregoing is based upon his tremendous weight loss in 18 months, his sickly appearance and more. You be the judge based upon the two pictures above that were taken one year apart.
  11. The hidden bias of most Americans against having an African American or Woman as President of the United States will be revealed on November 4, 2008!
  12. This morning Senator John McCain picked Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. Picking Palin would be designed to appeal to women especially those who are still angry over Hillary Clinton not getting it and it would shake up this race in a big way.
  13. LIVING A LIE There are just too many people out there living a lie and do not like for others to attack thier illusions and when you do, they get very upset and begin attacking their critics and often get their allies to join in. DC is a city with too many phony people and I enjoy mocking their stupidity and feel good when they get upset because I know the truth hurts. Yesterday one of the better known gay activists in DC Mr. Rothstejn broke with the major gay leaders in DC by endorsing Cary Silverman over Jack Evans because he felt too many people are just too happy with the Status Quo and cannot see reality around them or how corrupt Jack Evans is. Nobody likes others to attack their phoniess!
  14. WHEN IS AMERICA GOING TO SAY --- ENOUGH When America is confronted with elected leaders like Gov. James McGreevy of New Jersey who was having an extra martial affair with a man; Gov. Elliot Spitzer of New York who was having an extra martial affair with a prostitute; Sen. John Edwards who was having an extra marital affair while his wife was battling cancer and DC Mayor Adrian Fenty who is having an extra marital affair with a long list of men and then we add that to all the other elected officials doing the same --- when is America going to say enough? When people like you and me are confronted with these perverts the we have good cause to attack these elected leaders and those who stand up for their bad behavior and so should the rest of America!
  15. OBAMA SHOWS HIS TRUE FEAR OF MCCAIN In picking Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate, Barack Obama sought to shore up his weakness — inexperience in office and on foreign policy — rather than underscore his strength as a new-generation candidate defying political conventions. He picked a 35-year veteran of the Senate — the ultimate insider — rather than a candidate from outside Washington, such as Govs. Tim Kaine of Virginia or Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas; or from outside his party, such as Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska; or from outside the mostly white male club of vice presidential candidates. Hillary Rodham Clinton didn't even make his short list. The picks say something profound about Obama: For all his self-confidence, the 47-year-old Illinois senator worried that he couldn't beat Republican John McCain without help from a seasoned politician willing to attack. The Biden selection is the next logistical step in an Obama campaign that has become more negative — a strategic decision that may be necessary but threatens to run counter to his image.
  16. I guess that same would follow all those who agree with me and follow my blog daily!
  17. Thank you but not everybody would agree with you.
  18. NBC 4 TV TOM SHERWOOD….MR. CHICKEN CRAP Whether you are taking to an ANC commissioner, community activist or viewer, NBC 4 NEWS political reporter Tom Sherwood as earned justifiably the name Mr. Chicken ***brown trout*** because of his cowardliness to report the truth, can easily be bought off not to report things and fear of taking on the political establishment but what can you expect from an uneducated southern red neck Why anybody would waste their time listening to Sherwood when you can never be sure he is telling to truth or he has been paid off to sugar coat his reports incomprehesbile!
  19. MAYOR FENTY IS A LIAR, DRUG ADDICT, FLAMMING *happy person**! My bother in law Bruce Leamer is the new bodyguard for Kobe Bryant. Bruce is the white guy whose face you can clearly see. This picture was taken in China. Bruce is with the Santa Ana Police department in Santa Ana, California. Mayor Fenty is a lying son-of-a- doggess and never went to China for the Olympics and that is based upon official documents from the Government of China showings all US officials who were granted a VISA to attend like President Bush, governors, mayors, and so on. NO FENTY. With Fenty’s ego and desire for press, if he really attended, we would have seen tons of pictures on the DC Government website. The closet Fenty got to China was Chinatown in DC. Mayor Fenty is a pathological liar!!!!! Believe very little Fenty says as I think all the drugs he has taken over the years has damage his brain and yes I was physically present at times when Fenty and his daddy did drugs. I use to live next door to them in Mt. Pleasant. Despite what some might believe about me, I do not lie, I can back up what I say with pictures and documents like I will do concerning my allegation that DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray cheated on his decease wife when she was dying from lung cancer and as far back when he headed the DCHS. People attack me because they fear me as they know I do not make these serious allegations without proof as I do not want to be sued for libel or slander.
  20. McCain or Obama Needs To Abolish DC Government Lieutenant Roy Blick, the head of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s vice squad, in the 1950. oversaw the arrest of hundreds of gay men and lesbians. In March 1950 he told a congressional committee that Washington was home to five thousand homosexuals and estimated that three-quarters of them worked for the federal government and unless they were removed and chased out of DC, they would bring untold immorality, corruption and more to the Nation’s Capitol. Lieutenant Roy Blick was absolutely correct as time would tell. In 2008, Washington is the home to 150 thousand overt and convert homosexuals with most of them now running the local Government of the District of Columbia together with a legion of drug addicts and ex-convicts where they have turned the District of Columbia into the new Homosexual Capital of the United States, imposing their immoral ways upon the other 500 thousand residents by attacking members of the clergy, intimidating those who oppose them, threatening to expose the sexual orientation of local leaders unless they get what they want and thus embarrassing the United States before the eyes of the world. The Nation's Capitol needs a new Lieutenant Roy Blick to remove this scourge and restore moral decency.
  21. DC COUNCIL CHAIRMAN VINCENT GRAY ANOTHER SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS As all of America knows, Senator John Edwards cheated on his wife while she was battling cancer and so did DC City Council Chairman Vincent Gray. Back in 1997, the now DC City Council Chairman Vincent Gray who was married to Loretta Goodson Gray was believed to be having an extra-martial affair by his wife while battling lung cancer and ultimately died from it. Loretta Goodson Gray hired a few investigators after meeting them at the Bread & Chocolate restaurant on Capitol Hill including one of our bloggers who was asked to help her expose Vincent Gray by following him especially in the evening hours to see who he was hooking up with, to take pictures of who he was meeting with and they did along with submitting a report confirming an extra-marital affair. Those pictures are coming in Part 2 is blog report.
  22. A FIGHT FOR TRADITIONAL VALUES The upcoming presidential election is shaping up to be one which seeks to change the way things are done in Washington, DC and secondary, an election that centers around family values and this may be why John McCain chose a running mate who is a mother of five, a wife with traditional family values, opposes abortion and opposes gay rights in a way to portray the Democrats as the party of wrong as far as it concerns the family with its pro choice stance and coddling feminists and homosexuals while turning its back in white males and blue collar Americans. Traditional family values will probably be the theme taken up by the candidates shortly and may be the theme that decides our next president. It is said that you are often judge by the company you keep and a picture tells a thousand words. D.C. City Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh is the most masculine looking woman the DC City Council has ever had and that is intentional as she is not a real woman (hint, hint) and although she is married, if you had ever met her husband, he is the most whipped man alive and probably can't wait for Mary to bring out the strap-on. Let the picture above of DC Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh (Right side) speak for itself!
  23. A BLACK EYE ON THE LGBT COMMUNITY Both Barack Obama and John McCain agree that gay rights will be an issue soon in this presidential election year and may need to be. Thus my pushing the wrongs of the LGBT community here on DC Pages is in line of a social issue that is fair game. Thie weekend of the 2008 Capitol Pride celebration in Washington, DC awards were being given out to some members of the LGBT community. This award; Capital Pride Heroes 2008 has been given to a handful including Bob Summersgill which was major mistake. Summersgill’s claim to fame has been fighting over the years the anti sodomy laws which were used as a justification to arrest gay men for being gay. Summersgill was at one time the President of the Gay, Lesbian Activist Alliance. . The problem with Summersgill is, Summersgill in the past was posting unclothed pictures of himself on the internet at online clubs for under-aged boys which prompted several groups us and I to call Summersgill a Pedophile and Summersgill moving quickly to remove those unclothed pictures from these online gay message boards Summersgill out of anger for being exposed for what he did began attacking all inculding my person. Despite what others may think of Summergills, it does not diminish what he did and the fact that he is a bad choice for any award that the LGBT community wishes to bestow on people for their contributions and it destroys trust respect for people of the LBGT community. Pedophilia has seen about 400,000 gay men place on the US Department of Justice's sexual offenders list an gay rights need to be made again an issue between McCain and Obama and it probably will be as.
  24. DC CONGRESSWOMAN HOLMES-NORTON MOUTH PIECE OF THE GAY LOBBY Mr. Richard Rosendall, VP for Political Affairs for the Gay & Lesbian Activist Alliance of Washington, DC, as he made this fact clear in the local newspaper known as Washington Metro Weekly in the March 15, 2007, edition when Rosendall is quoted as saying and supports what Isay about Norton in part because he know her true orientation When will it be time to push a (gay)marriage bill in D.C.? GLAA's legislative maven, Bob Summersgill, suggests prerequisites like these: The Davis-Norton bill granting D.C. a full vote in the House. This will still leave us unrepresented in the Senate, but will give us far more leverage than we have now. Passage of budget autonomy, so that D.C.'s locally-funded budget is not subject to undemocratic congressional amendments. Passage of legislative autonomy, so that D.C.'s locally-passed laws are not subject to routine congressional review before taking effect. Once several states (say six) have adopted same-sex marriage, Congress's meddling impulse might be tempered if D.C. follows (rather than leads) the trend. The point is not to wait until there is no risk, but until we have a fighting chance. If you are outraged at the second-class status of gay families, please work with GLAA, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and allies like D.C. Vote to win the next battles. Instead of looking for shortcuts or fighting one another, let's press ahead smartly together. The District of Columbia per the gay publication The Advocate is now the USA’s third largest gay community in the United States per capita and growing as gays see DC as being the best place for achieving the goal of same sex marriage.America needs to stop defying God as homosexuality is a choose life style and we need more leaders to re-ciminalize this bad behavior!