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    Looking for nude female model

    I thank you for all of that information and would ask why you make that statement to me? Many people post more then one ad on a site with different objectives. All my posts are sincere and honest. If you are just into unclothed modeling great. Maybe we can talk somewhere public of it. As for the other ads I post maybe someone who is into their seek on each may reply. No matter what? Have great weekend.
  2. itisme00001

    NUDIST male seeks NUDIST female

    Hello. I am a 48 year old male nudist living in the region just south by 23 miles of Washington DC. I am looking to meet a lady who is herself into nudism but reluctant to be like so socially say in groups or with other like minded friends she may come to meet. You are the lady for me then. I am kind, calm, considerate, sweet and totally self sufficient. Send me a note c/o this address or to me direct at jpb1257@yahoo.com and tell me in header you are a lady nudist. Thank you all.
  3. I am looking for a female model age 18 - 45 who can and will do bikini and unclothed shots for a amateur photographer. I live just about 23 miles due south of Washington DC and can provide the indoor and (possibly) outdoor location(s) for this. Please send me one full recent shot of yourself to this address or to me direct at howdee1957@yahoo.com, thanks. You get all copies of the work we do. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello there. I am a white male of 48 living in Southern Maryland ( zip is 20616 ) looking for a woman who is in search of something temporary for her that does not mind residing with one of the opposite gender for that time. I am quite self sufficient and would only require from you 50 dollars a week and that would allow you full use of the place including food I cook that is always enough for more then one. All I ask in return if you stay here a time is to be courteous, respectfull and honest. This could work out well for a lady who right now needs a new temporary dwelling. Contact me via here or at my direct email of itisme00001@juno.com, and just mention in header "a roomie for you" Thank you one and all.