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    Cool New Way To Sell Your House

    4salebyme I just sold my house in the dc area and normaly dont post much but I think this is a great way to save money when selling a house. For a couple hundred dollars this service appraises your house (which you need anyway to sell) and markets if for you. Then when it sells they do not take the normal 6 percent that realtors do but rather you get to keep all of that yourself. I saved myself 10,000 and got to pocket the commision. They put you up on there site and put a sign in your yard. The guy who runs it is great and really knows real estate and how to sell it....Check them out
  2. 4sale by me Hey anyone interested in selling thier house by themselves should check this site out. I just sold my house with help from them and thier site and it was an awesome transaction and i saved about 10 grand! Not only with they market your house but they will also do an apprasial which come with the service. The guy running it is great and really knows real estate I recomend it for anyone trying to pocket the commision that real estate owners usually take from you. Check them out at www.4salebyme.com
  3. golfer2020

    Hippo : Iq 3 Wood Driver

    Hey did you end up buying this??? I really liked my purchase
  4. golfer2020

    N1 Pro Mach 3 #7 Fairway Wood

    I just purchased this club from www.golfsportinggoods.com and it was a killer deal and a great club. The guys over there are really great and KNOW golf well. They were very patient with me and helped me out a bunch. If anyone need some good advise or a some great product go there!!!!Golfsportinggoods.com