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    These guys are scammers!!!! The scam is in the guarenteed refund. They set the rules so tight you have no chance of getting your money back. See my email from them when I tried to get my refund after I was found guilty. I've heard this again and again. Time to fight back. Besides an email complaint to BBB. I intend to file a class action lawsuit on these scammers. If you have a similar story email me at espnfan@lycos.com ALso plan to host a website telling all the denial of refund stories. Interested? let me know. Thanks Chris Hi, This email is to inform you that in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, your request for a refund on ticket #341813113 was not approved for the following reasons: A review of the paperwork you submitted shows that our Copyrighted document(s) have been edited or modified in the following way(s): The parkingticket.com Copyright Mark does not appear on the Dismissal Letter. Refund Request not filed within 30 days of date of final Hearing Determination If you have any questions or feel this is in error, please contact us promptly by responding to this email. Please note, we answer all emails on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you, The Support Team parkingticket.com