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  1. Randy

    Bobby Sands' Hunger Strike anniversary

    It was a hard negotiated agreement where the Irish gave up a constitutional right to control of the 6 counties and the British agreed for the first time to allow a vote for reunification. I support it because of the overwhelming support of the Irish people. It has also allowed comrades of Bobby Sands to enter the political process. This, I pray will allow a reunification vote to succeed by 2013....
  2. Randy

    Bobby Sands' Hunger Strike anniversary

    Good summary. One change though is that political status had always been given by the British and under Thatcher criminalization was added and led to the escalating conflict. You might also wonder if Thatcher's hardline extended to her son's gun running and coup promoting in other countries..
  3. As of today in 1981 Hunger Striker Bobby Sands had been without food for 53 days. He was in great pain and was already blind. Why did he do this? Ireland's 800 year war against foreign occupation.... Because of the many great sacrifices and the terrible years of war, 26 of Ireland's 32 counties administer their own government. Only 6 counties of Ulster are still under foreign occupation... If this is a subject that interests you, please contact me or visit www.inacmidatlantic.org Randy