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  1. Ward 3 Candidate Jonathan Rees claimed of the endorsement from the AHCC (see yourAHCC.org). The American Helthcare Campaign appears to be a sham run by his boss, Dr. Michael Griffiths. The website asks for donations, but the organization is not one in good standing with DCRA, despite using a Washington DC mailing address. Here is the Google cache of his original website with these claims. Where are the Washington Post investigators? I did a websearch and found out it is owned by the same guy that Rees claims to work for at IDC (www.idcinc.com). I tried sending an email to Dr. Griffiths through the website, but it got bounced back. Rees had claimed an endorsement from this "non-profit" a year ago, but he does not boast of it now. That same original website cited above ask for donations, yet Rees has filed an exemption claiming he will not exceed $500 on his campaign. What gives with that? What is the deal with AHCC? It is not registered in good standing with DCRA (according to the DCRA website) yet they are asking for donations using a DC address. Is that legal? Dr. Griffiths also ran for MD Senate. There is somethingt very strange going on on 20th Street, NE. The Washington Post should investigate it. One of "Griffiths" partners seems to have given a lot of money to a major politician, yet seems to not be a dentist, but rather an employee of a defense contractor. I did a search for this person and came up with no records at the ADA. The only hits for this person were as a Dentist associated with Griffiths and as a donor to a political campaign from a defense contractor. This person's name? Galiber Flavius (Do a Google search of the above name. Do a search on the ADA website of the above name) Here is an article of the Dr. and the organization: http://www.washingtoninformer.com/HLTHNati...n2005June6.html There is something very fishy about this.
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    Ward 3 Candidates have withdrawn from the Council Race leaving Jonathan Rees as the unopposed individual for the seat. ANC Commissioners Robert Gordon and Cathy Wiss have decided to continue their service within their respective districts. Wiss commented, "When Robert notified me of his decision, I considered his reasoning and concluded that his logic was sound. I made the decision to follow his lead, and continue to serve my constituents in Tenleytown". After just a few weeks in the race, both Mary Cheh and Eric Guall withdrew for personal reasons. Guall, a political consultant, decided to take on the Campaign Manager role for Council Chair candidate Kathy Patterson. "Kathy and I had a meeting of the minds and settled our differences. She will represent all of the constituents of the city well". Professor Cheh concluded that her students needed her, and ruled out the committment required of a sitting Councilman. Candidate Sam Brooks, for the safety of himself and his loved ones, withdrew his name from consideration. Calls to his office were unreturned as of press time. Candidate Rees rejoiced at the decision. "My rivals realized that Team Rees was just too big a force to overcome. I knew if I stuck to it, my rivals would see the error of their ways. I told everyone who would listen and more, that me and my team of horny Latinos would be able to blanket the Ward with our Domincan made mini-flyers and overpower the other candidates". Rees continued, "I have proven that over 99% of the people in the Ward do not pay any attention to blogs and listservers etcetera, and that no one cares about personal issues, of which I have many. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Council, using my tactics of refined reasoning and personal development to forge compromise and consent of the will of the majority. He said that he hopes to have a city where "intolerance and contempt are the norm", where he can use channel 13 as a bully pulpit to meld the minds of the uniformed electorate and take over the media outlets in the city. Rees mentioned that he will communicate with his constiuents using Puerto Rican printed communications on utility poles. He will "smash any of his rivals who get in his way". Said Rees, "I will use my known tactics of compromise and intimidation to bully pulpit my rivals on the Council into a new Washington formed out of my known leadership qualities based on my twenty years and more of professional experience". Rees is ambitious however. "I will use DC's 3 Electoral votes as a foundation for a future path to the White House, once the Constitution is amended to allow Sicilian Latinos into 1600 Pensylvania Avenue. I have always enjoyed living in Ward 1, and hope that we can get the boundaries altered to move the White House from Ward 2 to Ward 1". Rees can be reached via any of his staff, including Roy Stewart. Ramon can be reached at Rees's apartment, Rees's office, or anywhere else Rees is. "Roy Rivera has been with me all the time. On the streets, in my apartment and on the campaign trail. He shadows me wherever I go, and ne never leaves my head, er, side". Rees's children, Jason, Gabriella, Anita, Anatolla, Anoletta, and adopted child, Nicole (just call me Nikki) are all very happy for him, although none of them are quite sure how old they are or if they exist. Rees's first order of business was to confirm the appointment of his wife, Mindy, to the DC Film Office. The former Miss Silverman is a noted B-Actress. She was unavailable for comment. For more information, please contact security detail, MPD Officer Jose Magana.