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  1. InnocentBystander

    Rees Now Has A Blog

    hahaha, he really has. this guy is a joke and will never be taken seriously.
  2. InnocentBystander

    Annonymous Posters Are Liars

    Are you a real human being? I don't understand. If they're hiding behind anonymous names, what are you doing? Moreover, why would they fear a beating? Last I checked, engaging in political discourse isn't an invitation to a beating. Sure, someone could potentially sue them for libel or slander, but it would get thrown out of court in a second. Seriously, have you considered reading what you write?
  3. InnocentBystander

    Bob Erlich Achievements

    As a student at the University of Maryland in College Park, I'd like to point out that you've done very poorly in taking care of higher education in the state. There have been unprecedented tuition hikes and it looks like they're going to continue to occur. When are you going to make sure people are have the education they need to get jobs in the area?
  4. InnocentBystander


    Wow. I came here to do a little reading and critical thinking on contemporary issues, and I see nothing but somewhere between 2 and 7 people getting into petty arguments over nothing. To be honest, Lucifer and Sam Brooks whatever come off as nothing but a joke. The people responding to those two seem to never have heard of a troll before and don't know how to deal with one. Are there any active moderators on this forum? There seem to be several listed and there are numerous violations of the guidelines, so I'd love to see a quick and decisive conclusion to this silly standoff so that we can have some actual political discussion instead of a squabble between ward 3 candidates. Oh, and in light of your accusations towards each other, I'd be glad to identify myself via email or PM. I don't want to be confused with either of these competing sides.
  5. InnocentBystander

    Annonymous Posters Are Liars

    Then why are your postings anonymous? I don't see your name in your profile...
  6. InnocentBystander

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

    In the message board guide lines, it states that "DCMessageBoards.com reserves the right to publically[sic] post the email address, ip address, and the posted content of any violator to these guidelines." Moreover, it says that "Your screen name is your community identity. We encourage you to use it consistently." and "Do not repeatedly post the same or similar Content throughout DCMessageBoards.com." and lastly "Do not send messages intended to embarrass, humiliate or harass another person." With that in mind, perhaps a moderator would consider looking at the IP addresses of the four above names, not to mention the other accusation that Lucifer and several other screen names are being operated by the same person.