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    Rees Responds To Aglue

    Rees says that Aglue is that gay guy in Glover Park who is constantly running ads over on Craigs List under m4m looking to get plowed but cannot seem to get a man for a real relationship because no man wants to lower their standards.
  2. Sam Brooks Watch


    Aglue I do not think anybody will cry over not having your vote. Rees and his people this past week blasted all of Glover Park with his flyers and you no sign of you. We watch all online activity of the candidates and mainly Rees is the only active one except Robert Gordon who is doing some. If you noticed the changes, Rees platform seems to have withdraw that which was designed to benefot the gay community. Anybody care to guess why?
  3. Sam Brooks Watch


    Bfrankdc we do not have a blog. We are posting to mock idiots like you. Why? Because nothing said here has had any impact on voters in any way that will change the outcome and all that you have done for months is a lost cause and a joke. It is time all of you move on and and do something more constructive with your free time.
  4. Sam Brooks Watch


    Factchecker2, get the message. YOU ARE LOSING THE WAR AGAINST REES. Nobody that matters cares about what you say because only 12 people at best are reading it. So much energy spent on attacking someone and nothing to show for it.
  5. Sam Brooks Watch


    Call this guy Rees what you want but he is a real comedian and not some phony, stuff shirt like other candidates are. Check out the Rees blog....... http://jrrees.blogspot.com/
  6. Sam Brooks Watch

    Does anyone know?

    Sadly we/are are not Mr. Rees but you are probably the other guy.
  7. Sam Brooks Watch

    Does anyone know?

    Truthseeker, Bfrank, Factchecker or Maybe Sam Brooks, You are not fooling anyone nor is the other guy. In our offices, we have five computers and each one I believe uses a different ISP. By having such, I can jump front computer to computer, sign in with AOL, Earthlink, Netscape or whatever and be here on DC Pages with a set name I use at each computer making everyone think I am John 1, John 2 or John 3. Again, all of you are the same and so on. You are not fooling anyone as that is the oldeest trick in the book. Only everyvody revealing their real names and so on can we know that everybody is different. "For the record" as a certain candidate likes to say, I don't give a hang about Sam Brooks. I wouldn't even know about him if it weren't for Rees' obsessional ranting about Sam Brooks. AN ALCOHOLIC NEVER ADMITS HE IS WHAT IS SO OBVIOUS!
  8. Sam Brooks Watch

    what a busy little bee he's been tonight!

    And so were you.
  9. Sam Brooks Watch

    Does anyone know?

    If you notice, this is a pissing contest between Brooks and Rees. Both say they are not posting here but both are and in a very clever way they have managed to convice others they are not. There are no other real posters but these two no matter what name they use. If you notice none of their aliases are ever online at the same time. Brfank, Truthseeker and down the line are the same person but just change the ISP they use when logging on to make all of us think they are different people. BIG LIE. It is all Brooks and on the other end, all Rees.
  10. Sam Brooks Watch

    Annonymous Posters Are Liars

    Good point but Bfrank seems to fear getting beaten up by Rees.
  11. Sam Brooks Watch

    Rees Now Has A Blog

    Rees has a wicked sense of humor but that posting about a Martin Austermuhle was truthful but definitely intended to antagonize.
  12. Sam Brooks Watch

    Breaking News

    The only thing well done Truthseeker is your brain as you like Bfrank are incompetent in what you are doing as it has had no impact on voters.
  13. Sam Brooks Watch


    Bfrank you and you alteregos live here on the net and that is why most of what you say is defective. None of you have a clue as to what is taking place out on the campaign trail because if you did, you would learn that nothing you have done he has had any impact on voters.
  14. Sam Brooks Watch


    Truthseeker you are a royal idiot! If you, Bfrank and Factchecker were not brain damaged and did a good job of investigating facts as we have, you were have learned that Thelma Roque is an alias name Rees daughter Antonetta uses.
  15. WE agree that alias screen names are used by people who intend to lie and conceal who they are to protect themselves from a lawsuit or a good ass kicking.