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  1. Lucifer

    Annonymous Posters Are Liars

    Now clarify your reasons for the incessant anonymous postings you have done since last September? Are you in love with Rees?
  2. Lucifer

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

  4. Nobody listed in the DC Phone directory named B Frank. You need a better alias.
  5. Anybody who choses to post using an annonymous name does so for the following reasons: 1. They know what they will post are lies; 2. They post such with malicious intent; and 3. They hide their true identity to avoid being sued or jacked up. An honest poster will not be afraid to use their real name but only liars use phony names like Bfrank, Truthseeker, Factchecker and Golden Girl who are probably one in the same as even I notice they are never online at the same time making what others allege true.
  6. Lucifer

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

    You have just asked me this stuff. Your sickness is coming out. I am not the others Bfrank but I guess schizophrenia makes it hard for you to tell the difference. Nobody believes a word of a cowardly person who hides behind an alias name, who makes allegations but never substantiates them but creates frauds and passes them off as truths. Get the message **hole of a donkey**, you are losing the battle and nobody hears you other than a few other losers like yourself.
  7. Lucifer

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

    The lies you tell Bfrank are your unsubstantiated allegations and when you are asked to prove them, you come with crap that nobody is buying nor anywhere near the truth.
  8. Obviously you are doing an online search and that is the first sign how dumb you are. Need I say more. No wonder Rees always outsmarts you.
  9. Lucifer

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

    No, I am not a part of this game where everyone who does not agree with you is Rees and everyone who does not agree with Rees is Brooks. I have read it all and that game is old. Believe it or not Bfrank, there is a world beyond your computer, nobody is paying any attention to what you say other than maybe 6-12 people at best, Rees and Brooks do not seem to be phased by anything anyone says and this is your mental illness the belief that you are a crusader for the truth and do it with lies and again, nobody hears you.
  10. Lucifer

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

    It is this arrogance by you Bfrank why Rees has been able to repel all you have thrown at you and mocked every step you take because your arrogance is so out of touch. You are dumb, dumb and dumb Bfrank and you just do a lousy job at all you do.
  11. OMG you are dumb Bfrank. The School of Business has divisions and if your major is business with a major toward public administration it is referred to the School of Public Administration just like most colleges have schools within a school. I would bet Frank has no more than a GED.
  12. Lucifer

    The Rees Supporters Are Right

    None of you appear to be writing Rees directly but I know why. It is because you do not want him to know who you really are by having your email addresses which can be traced. As long as you guys operate in the shadows, it takes away all your credibility as honest people do not shoot from the shadows.
  13. It is a part of the School of Business Bfrank.
  14. Bully on you Bfrank but I am and if you cannot find me then that is not my fault as I am over at the school of Public Administration.