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  1. Business Executive?

    At least the man can get work unlike you who has no job.
  2. What is convincing Bfrank is, you are a sick man/woman/both who needs to accept the fact that your crusade is not going to win anything for your guy.
  3. They or just he will stop when his lover loses the election.
  4. DC s No# Gay Blogger, Ex-Convict, Communist Party Leader & Lover of Candidate Sam Brooks.

    The board of elections does have this guy as a registered voter so he much be a person unto himself.
  6. My brother is on many email lists of the candidates running for different offices and this evening, he got this email from Rees: TEAM REES is back on the streets of Ward 3 in full force ready to unload 55,000 flyers to all the homes and apartments in the ward. This time round, we will also be distributing 2,000 flyers in Spanish to the some 1,400 register Latino Democrats. Tonight was our first night out along Wisconsin Avenue and we unloaded 2,500 flyers to apartments, homes and into the hands of some people. We will be out every night and for 7 hours every Saturday and Sunday until September 10, 2006, without fail. While my opponents spend their money on 50 cent brochures, parties and other expensive stuff, TEAM REES will show all that YES you can run a campaign for pennies, a lot of volunteers who believe and people who are not afraid to walk four hours a day up and down the streets of Ward 3 and ask for nothing in return because they believe it is time for a real change and because: It s All About ........You...!
  7. Do you think our ANC commissioner have a whole lot of respect from voters or do you see them as the people voters love to hate? Do you think endorsements from ANC commissioner will help or hurt candidates? My opinion is, all candidates should stay clear of endorsements from other candidates or risk alienating voters!
  8. I heard this afternoon that Candidate Cathy Wiss got the endorsement of ANC Commissioner Nancy MacWood and the Forest Hills Citizens Association. My brother told me of this by phone.
  9. Two questions for Rees

    When I called that BOEE they told me if I came down that this information was open to the public at their computer terminals. I said that I am retired and have severe arthritis and that is when a clerk said he would fax it to me. I only copied down what I saw. So how does that differ from what you might have?
  10. Two questions for Rees

    Call down to the BOEE and they will fax it all to you! I got what I got. Do you have something different? I was told that for a lousy $10 you can go down to the BOEE and get on a disk the complete history of any voter in your ward on a MS Access file.
  11. Two questions for Rees

    Registration Status Registered Voter YES Voter ID Number 000009987 Date Registered 9/19/1989 Personal Information Full Name JONATHAN R REES Party Affiliation DEMOCRATIC Address Information Street Number, Street Name, Quadrant 2714 WISCONSIN AVE, NW Apt. # 409 City, State, Zip WASHINGTON, DC 20007 Registration Status Registered Voter YES Voter ID Number 050001478 Date Registered 11/29/2004 Personal Information Full Name MINDY L REES Party Affiliation DEMOCRATIC CHECK THIS OUT PEOPLE Registration Status Registered Voter YES Voter ID Number 000026777 Date Registered 7/23/1997 Personal Information Full Name RAMON R STEWART-RIVERA de PRIMO Party Affiliation DEMOCRATIC Address Information Street Number, Street Name, Quadrant 2720 WISCONSIN AVE, NW Apt. # 209 City, State, Zip WASHINGTON, DC 20007
  12. Two questions for Rees

    Sam Brooks is the only ward 3 candidate who has no ties to ward 3, is still a registered voter of ward 2 and has never asked for a change in his voter status to reflect a tie to ward 3. Registration Status Registered Voter YES Voter ID Number 000031918 Date Registered 5/18/1998 Personal Information Full Name SAMUEL A BROOKS Party Affiliation DEMOCRATIC Address Information Street Number, Street Name, Quadrant 3032 CAMBRIDGE PL, NW City, State, Zip WASHINGTON, DC 20007
  13. Two questions for Rees

    I called the the DC Board of Elections & Ethics and asked if they can confirm if a local ward 3 candidate Jonathan Rees is an active voter and if he has voted of recent. The woman I spoke to said that Rees has been a registered ward 3 voter since 1989, has voted in each primary and election since 1989 and prior to that, he was a registered voter in ward 1. I also asked about the other five candidate and all of them have been active voters in our ward for more than ten year except Sam Brooks who did not vote in any matter from 1999-2003. I called to the Superior Court and spoke to a woman in the jury office but she said information as to who has been called up or served was not available to the public.
  14. Two questions for Rees

    These are some good questions. I only know the guy in seeing him in the stores but know nothing about any of those issues you bring up. I suspect that his campaign staff is made up mainly of family members just by the names that pop up. Has anybody called the board of elections, the jury office at the court house or other agencies that have open informnation?