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    Hot Spanish Clubs

    does anyone know of fun spanish clubs where the atmosphere is fun and you can dance to the music?
  2. DC's only all-outdoor nightclub, Air started in 2003 and happens every Friday and Saturday night between June and October. (Air closes when it rains, so call the club's hotline for updates.) The Woodrow Wilson Plaza in front of the Ronald Reagan building is transformed into Air by a circle of funky-looking tents lit with brilliantly colored floodlights. Each tent houses cocktail tables and chairs -- one tent even has a comfy, throne-like bed in case you're feeling, um, sleepy. The center of the courtyard is a swarm of puffy couches and overstuffed chairs. The crowd is a mix of young, conservatively dressed professionals and energetic, scantily dressed party girls. If you're dying to try out that shimmering see-through dress you bought on a whim, you'll be welcomed with open arms at Air, but you'll also feel fine in a pair of jeans and a trendy shirt. There are many beautiful people here, and in these stylish surroundings, you might just find out that you're one of the beautiful people, too. If anyone has been there you can give your review as well....