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    Alone Records May Tour Punk/Noise

    CALABI YAU We are touring to support the release of a split with the Ahleuchatistas on Alone Records www.alonerecords.com. In the past year or so, we've played with vaz, orthrelm, lightning bolt, get hustle, kites, usaisamonster, q and not u, wizzards, melt banana, tarantula ad, xiu xiu, nautical almanac, big bear, ...... We need a DC show Sat. May 6th. If anyone is interested in helping with this date please contact Bo at - calabiyau at hotmail dot com. House shows welcomed! Some tracks are up on: www.myspace.com/calabiyau THANKS! Dates: May 6 Sat. Washington,DC/Baltimore, MD 7 Sun. Philadelphia, PA 8 Mon. New York, NY 9 Tues. Hartford, CT 10 Wed. Providence, RI 11 Thur. Boston, MA 12 Fri. Cleveland, OH 13 Sat. Oberlin, OH 14 Sun. Utica, NY 15 Mon. Pittsburgh, PA 16 Tues. Athens/Columbus, OH 17 Wed. Cincinnati, OH 18 Thur. Louisville, KY 19 Fri. Lexington, KY 20 Sat. Knoxville, TN 21 Sun. Athens, GA