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  1. If you look at the website of Sam Brooks you will see the front page has a flashpoint presentation which claims about him. One of the lies he is telling people is, Tamela Gordon a ANC Commissioner boasts how good he is. The dishonesty in that is, Sam Brooks does not tell voters that according to his filings with the DC Office of Campaign Finance that Tamela Gordon is his campaign chair and that she contributed $500 to his campaign. I do not see any of the other candidates lying to voters like this!
  2. It is a free country. Go for it but do not forget to put on your KKK robe.
  3. Perry


    Golden Girl...I would suspect you placed that ad with Rees name and nobody else so you could come here and lie. Show the people proof that ad is actually linked to Rees! You will not because he did not place it you did.
  4. People...If you really think Rees is this bad guy then what you are doing is going about it the wrong way. If you understand politics as I do then you know your way is the old way and it does not work. What you have done has given Rees and his followers ammunition to say it is this guy BROOKS and his RACIST followers are the ones bashing him because it is just way too much coming and people are buying it. If you know the make up of ward three then you need to address the issue that way. Rees is a Latino and he will get probably 95% of all 1,400 votes from registered Latino Democrats. Rees and his followers are citing these posts telling Latino voters BROOKS and his followers hate Latinos and that is why you are bashing him. Rees is also Jewish and the Jews are the biggest voting block in ward three and he will probably get 70% of the 7,000 Jewish votes. I would bet Rees and his followers are doing the same in the Jewish community. Historically, the majority of voters will vote for someone of their own for obvious reasons. All of these Anti-Rees postings are working to the benefit of Rees as he is playing the race card by saying to others, (Look, Brooks a lilly white boy is getting others to attack a minority). With publications like the Washington Times, The In Towner and others agreeing with his logic, you need to attack his logic to shake his base and not come with this garbage that you do. Rees already used the criminal record and membership in the Communist Party of this guy Austermuhle to place in the minds of others that BROOKS uses bad judgment in who he keeps company with and you can be assured that he will use (The Race Card) suggesting all of you are white and racist agaisnt Brooks. Wise up people, you are playing right into the plans of Rees and there may be some truth to it.
  5. With half the members of our city council having had affairs, divorcing under bizarre circumstances, having children out of wedlock and whatever, it has never stopped a candidate from winning. The days of using the love life of a candidate is over and people do not use that as a guage. When you want to succeed in knocking down a candidate, you are more likely to win that fight by attacking the candidate on a key issue he or she took and how it was a disaster and hurt others. Maybe all of you need to focus your attacks on issues that Rees has taken that is defective but going after his personal affairs turns people off because half of the public out there has done worse.
  6. These are the candidates based upon the chronological date of filing: Jonathan Rees Sam Brooks Mary Cheh Robert Gordon Cathy Wiss Eric Gaull There are others out there running but they have yet to file.
  7. And your point is? I think these Yahoo groups, blogs and the same are lousy places to promote a campaign.
  8. Obviously Golden Girl you have not bothered to ask around especially of people who know Rees. It is a cheap shot to accuse someone of posting under fake names when I believe you are missing the point that it is more than one person going at you.
  9. Golden Girl, I did not verify anything. As for Austermuhle, what I said was that he was arrested as Rees claims but Rees was only seizing on an error in the record and not what was correct. When you are dealing with government officials, they often make mistakes.
  10. I believe there have been some negative things written about both Rees and Brooks. About Rees has been along the lines of his economic theories and about Brooks his lack of knowledge, experience and being arrogant. I know many in the media and they are thinking that all of you attacking Rees are in truth agents for Brooks and that is why they are not interested in any of this because you guys go at it morning, noon and night day after day which some think only people working for a candidate would do not normal day to day people. I think the fact all of you have gone overboard as killed the media interest.
  11. Everybody knows that answer. Rees was previously married to Maria Antonetta Cisneros who is the niece of Henry Cisneros the former Secretary of HUD under Clinton. She died in June 1998.
  12. Everything said herein is true with the execption that it appears that Austermuhle was arrested for failure to dispurse but the Pennyslvania State Police who keep all official records has erred by adding that someone made a racial slur which may have been what triggered the riot, others the police spoke too said it was Austermuhle but never proven and I can see why Rees and/or his kids would take advantage of what is in the reports.
  13. As for the issue of multiple aliases people. I do not believe that is the case but I do believe that what all of us are seeing is that Rees has a good number of kids working with his campaign that are using their computers and they are these aliases you claim is Rees. The army of kids working for his campaign I would bet are the ones here playing games with the floating IP addresses but rest assured Rees is 100 miles away from what they are doing but knows it and does not care. Have any of you ever seen these kids out on the street giving out his stuff? I have. A friend of mine who knows Rees well says one of Rees favorite sports is to play with you, make you go out on the ledge and saying something and then turn around and prove how wrong you are and then bad mouth you later in front of as many people he can how stupid you are. I think anything he says is probably true but he gives you half the informations and wants you to contradict him so he can have the pleasure of showing later he was being honest and you are a azz hole. He gets his rocks off doing that to people he sees as being snobby nosed, know-it-alls. Rees hates people who think that they are so politically correct.
  14. Let me interject something here from knowledge I have of this Rees guy. I do know that he does have three kids. He has twin daughters Antonella and Anita who are 30, a son named Jason who is 25 and that screen name of Nikkidix is an African American woman named Nikki Dixon who was a foster child Rees took care of for 12 years and lives out in Hyattsville, Maryalnd. As for that posting seeking sex, while it appears to have his name, it is a weak claim because there is no email address to link it to Rees.
  15. Rees placed this on his website > http://dc2006.net/marriage.jpg Rees has made Bfrank, Truthseeker, Factchecker and Golden Girl liars! I would bet that Rees can make all of you liars on everything you have accused him of. I almost believed all of you but no more. I am going to believe the words of Rees over all of you any day! THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Now try to explain this away...it is an official government document and can be verified.