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    Vans Warped Tour 2006

    Anyone going to Warped Tour this year? If so, who is everyone going to see? I am going to see so many of the acts this year and I'm psyched!!! Does anyone know anything about Dropping Daylight? I have been hearing a lot about them lately.
  2. embeau328


    I guess I'm bored and listening to Flyleaf, so I decided to post again about the video on TRL...if anybody is reading this, go vote for the band they are really great people who deserve your vote!!
  3. embeau328


    VOTE FOR FLYLEAF’S “I’M SO SICK” NOW ON MTV'S TRL! Call 1-800-342-5688 or log on at http://www.mtv.com/onair/trl/vote/
  4. I thought this band Dropping Daylight was a cool new group, so I’m posting to let others know some new stuff about them. The full-length release “Brace Yourself” is coming out on June 13th, so you should get that. The band is now on the road with Flyleaf, which is also really cool. You can check them out at droppingdaylight.com or check out the band’s e-card droppingdaylight.com/Ddcard.html
  5. embeau328

    As Fast As- Awesome new band!

    Anyone like the band As Fast As?? I think they are really awesome so I’m making a bunch of posts to get the word out… they are re-releasing their full-length album “An Open Letter To The Damned” and that will hit stores on May 23rd. Check them out myspace.com/asfastasmusic If you like them you can sign up for the mobile fan club and get a free ringtone, at asfastasmusic.com Let me know what you think, and if you like the music
  6. embeau328

    More Flyleaf!

    Are there any Flyleaf fans out there? Let me know if you are and want to discuss. Also, if you are a fan you should sign up for the Flyleaf Mobile Fan Club on the site flyleafmusic.com, its cool you can get the “I’m So Sick” ringtone for free.
  7. embeau328

    If you are in Philly-Cherryfix

    Don’t forget to catch Cherryfix for their in-store on… Saturday, May 6th - Montgomery Mall, FYE 246 Montgomery Mall North Wales, PA 19454 215--362-1147 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM www.cherryfix.com www.myspace.com/cherryfix
  8. embeau328

    As Fast As

    As Fast As signed with Octone Records in August and in January 2005 began work on their "debut" record "Open Letter To The Damned", which will be in stores May 23rd, 2006. The sound of the band can be described as Weezer meets Maroon 5. Queens of the Stone Age meets Squeeze. Stripper Music meets Church Choir. Foo Fighters meets Elvis Costello. Sign up for the As Fast As Mobile Fan Club and get a free promo ringtone for the hit single, “Florida Sunshine”! Visit www.asfastasmusic.com for more information.
  9. embeau328

    New from Sugarcult!!!

    Hey Sugarcult Fans! Join the Sugarcult Mobile Fan Club and receive updates, personal messages, coupons and more. Visit: www.sugarcult.com Also, check out the Sugarcult Mobile Fan Club live at: www.urbangroove.com/contests/sugarcult Or, send this Sugarcult e-card to other Sugarcult fans: http://www.fearlessrecords.com/scecard