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    Shaquille Oneal!!!

    Shaquille Oneal might leave the team that no one thought could lose. The Lakers have been criticized just like the NY Yankees in baseball or the Real Madrid of soccer. People thought the team they had was a bunch of all stars. However this year the Detroit Pistons proved that you don't have to have an all star team to win the NBA finals. All it takes is a little TEAMwork. This brings me back to Shaq. Shaq has decided that he wants to leave the Los Angeles Lakers before his contract is up. Now if he wants to receive the rest of that money he will have to stay another season or so to get that money. There are talks between shaq and the miami heat right now but Pat Riley said that he dislikes him because he is a player that can leave as soon as he has come to a team. The Lakers are risking right now the chance of losing their two best superstars in one sitting! Kobe Bryant might not return based on his case and other issues. Shaq is right now on the brink of leaving so the Lakers could very well be dismantled of their prowess soon. Should Shaq stay with the Lakers? Or should he sign with the Heat or other NBA team???
  2. This morning, federal and local law enforcement stormed three residences wearing body armor and carrying some serious firepower. Officials seized over 20 assault weapons including finding some silencers used for these weapons. Then 4 people now in custody are believed top have played a part in the bank robberies over the past several months. Law enforcement officals say that they feel good about these raids today and that they still might have a long way to go before they convict anyone but said that it is looking good so far. Well hopefuully they caught those robbers so that now we can all start going to the bank without fearing that it will be robbed with people with assault rifles ready to shoot them.
  3. Madden 2004, the best selling football franchise has been released recently and it is GOOD! I have personally had a chance to test the game out and let me tell you that its gameplay is much better than that of NFL2K5. The player animations are all much smoother and the graphics are awesome. I am very satisfied with EA this year. The focus has been on Defense this year with a "Fear the D" theme featuring Ray Lewis on the cover. It is hard to throw passes now!! The defense is so hard but it is so realistic! Gone are the days of long bombs. I think I have been able to throw one long bomb successfully. Many minor adjustements were amde the game as well. In the franchise mode you can now create your own custom fan!!! I think this is a pretty neat feature. So football fans if you want the most authentic and realistic game go pick up your copy of Madden 2004. If you cant afford to get it then go for NFL2K5. Otherwise you cant go wrong with Madden! Although I wish MAdden dropped their price a little too! You can always hope right?
  4. robnyc

    Nfl 2k5

    Sega's NFL 2K5 has been released earlier than Madden 2005 this year, catching many people off guard. It has gotten an outstanding review from gamespot.com and sega has given a price drop of this football game to a crazy $19.99!!!! This is especially good news for Sega fans but it is also tempting for Madden fans as well. I personally am a Madden fan and I might just pick up nkl2k5 for fun to use the first person view mode which I thought is pretty cool. Sega has done very sneaky marketing for this years football season because everyone plays madden. So sega has made a move to get some market share in the football game industry.
  5. robnyc

    Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong now holds the record of winning 6 times in the Tour de France since the 101 years that the Tour de France has been going on!! Many speculated whether or not he would win in the early weeks of the race but sure enough he managed to pull himself together to the top once again. During the race he acted modestly by not saying anything about winning or losing the race. However it is when he finally went to receieve his trophy after the race, he really celebrated. Good job Lance keep it up!
  6. DC United lost to the local Richmond soccer team 2-1 yesterday. There was just no one playing soccer at the level that they should have been playing yesterday, which is at the professioanl level. I hope DC United gets its act together quickly.
  7. The DCPages staff is currently hard at work editing and choosing only the absolute best pictures for our viewers. This year's national holiday was plagued with some bad weather but that did not stop our dedicated visitors and Washingtonians from coming out and giving their full support for the independence day of our nation. Everyone braved the weather and watched the parade and the great fireworks show. Sorry for the delay please be patient and look forward to an awesome gallery!!
  8. robnyc

    Kobe Decides To Stay

    Kobe Bryant has decided to remain with the LA lakers for next season. He signed a $136.4 million contract over the course of seven years. He said that he was hurt by many people thinking that he was involved with the leaving of coach Phil Jackson and Shaquille Oneal. However more than the loss of his coach and his team mate, Kobe might be facing sexual assault charges and facing up to four years of jail time. We will see what happens next......
  9. robnyc

    Farenheit 9/11

    I have not had the chance to see Farenheit 9/11 but based on what I have been reading and hearing from various sources, it seems that most say that all of it is a lie. I personally enjoyed Bowling for Columbine but I tried to remember while watching Michael Moore's movies that I should try to stay neutral about the things he says because he is only telling one side of the story. If anyone had already seen it could you give me a review of it? Thanks~
  10. robnyc

    England Vs. Portugal

    I think that England should have won the match against Portugal. I am not upset about the penalt kicks so much because I think penalty kicks is highly based on guessing right rather than skill. But rather I am disappointed because the Referee denied Sol Campbell's goal which I thought should have counted!
  11. robnyc

    Kabuki In Washington

    Sounds really cool tomofromtokyo. I have never seen a live kabuki show. Maybe I will go and check the show out if I have the opportunity!! Thanks for the info......
  12. A cleaning lady, Geraldine Williams, from the state of Massachusetts has won the megamillion lotto for a whopping $294 million!! She has become now the second largest jackpot won from a single lotto winner in the United States. She was given the option of choosing between $11 million a year until the $294 million was paid or a lump sum of $168 million. Both options are all before taxes of course. In the end she chose to go with a lump sum and she took home a check for $117,600,088 after taxes. Lucky Lady!!
  13. robnyc

    Doom Iii Is Coming~

    Hold on to your guns people...because you'll be need ing them in the latest installment of the classic series, "Doom." Doom III is coming in early August and its going to blow you away! The graphics from screenshots look amazing as well as various videos that are available for people to see. You will need high requirements for this classic remake but if your system can handle it then you will not be disappointed...unless they decide to postpone the game again!!! More info at : DOOM III Take a look at these screenshots~!!!! OMG!!!
  14. robnyc

    Doom Iii Is Coming~

    In reply to your question digismurf, DOOM III will only be available on the oc at the time of its release.
  15. robnyc

    Night Club Reviews

    I have been to several clubs here in the DC area and I just wanted to give my personal opinion on each of the ones I have been to. 1. Nation- This night club I believe has been shutdown now due to heavy drug use. This night club was by far the largest club I have been to around here with tall ceiling and big rooms. The music primarily played was the rave scene. Techno, Trance, Jungle, etc. 2. Platinum- This is a very good club if you like all the latest pop music. It has mostly some upbeat techno and it has a hip hop room which gets packed. Very popular with the local colleges/universities. 3. Daedulus- This night club on weekends I believe transforms into a asian club because the club started to play lots of asian music and the club had about 90% asians inside. Great if your into the asian scene. On weekdays it is okay. 4. Ben and Moe's- This club was primarily a club with a Middle Eastern theme as people could be seen smoking sheesha and there is often a live band playing Arabic music. Very relaxing and great place to hang with friends. 5. 1223 or MCCXXIII- This is more a bar/lounge than a night club. Still very coll and great place to knock back a few drinks with friends. Two floors and comfortable seating available. Gets pretty crowded sometimes though. 6. Ortanique- This is actually a very unique place to go because during the day it is a restaurant and by night it becomes like a bar/lounge area. They also have on Fridays and Saturdays I believe salsa dancing available strating from 10pm or so. There is a live band that plays music for this. There is also a very nice lounge area upstairs with a bar. This place has a Caribbean Theme. 7. Moonlight Cafe- this place is similar to Ortanique because it is a restaurant during the day. It has a Hispanic theme to it. There is lots of Latin American and Spanish music played here. 8. Dream- This nightclub is a very cool club. It has two floors and has one very big room which plays techno and upbeat music and it has cages for people to go in and dance inside. Upstairs there is a hip hop room. Overall a very good club. Well I have not been to these clubs for close to a year now so things might have changed. I hope these reviews give you a better sense of some clubs in DC.
  16. A cleaning lady at Massachusetts wins the $294 megamillion jackpot to become the second largest solo lotto winner in the United States. She can take $11 million a year before taxes or a lump sum of $168 million before taxes. Either way she is set for life now. She is 68 years old. Lucky lady~!!!
  17. robnyc

    Build Computers&install Parts

    I am a computer builder and have built two machines already that work perfectly. Building computers is a much more cost effective way of buying a computer. Please reply if interested and I will send some pictures of my current computer I built from scratch. My current computer Specs are: Processor- AMD Xp 2500+ overclocked to AMD XP 3200+ Motherboard- Asus A7N8X Power Supply- 420 Watt Case- Raidmax Scorpio RAM- Geil Dual DDR 512MB Western Digital Caviar Edition 80 GB Video Card- Sapphire ATI 9600 Pro (overclocked also) Sound Card- Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum This system cost me about $600-700. I bought all the parts online and now my computer is running beautifully and smoothly. Every time my friends need computer help they come to me. I can also do installations of RAM, hard drives, cd-roms, etc.. for a much lower price than most stores would charge.
  18. Today, June 29, another bank was robbed by three or four heavily armed men at the northwest bank intersecting Conneticut and Nebraska avenues. Authorities say that they believe this robbery is connected to a string of robberies that have occurred throughout the DC metro area over the past several months. The men are usually heavily armed and are very quick in getting away with as much money as they can get. They usually have a few getaway cars which they burn or blow up and get in another car. This seems almost like a movie (HEAT anyone?). The police is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone that can give a tip leading to the arrest of these robbers. Here is a picture from NBC: Anyone with a tip should call (202) 278-2000 (FBI) (202) 727-9099 (Police)
  19. The Metro has raised its prices! The 28th of June which was yesterday, was the first business day where we could see if the prices had any effect on the amount of people using the Metro. According to the Metro department, there were 20,000 less riders!! Do the prices have any effects on you? Will you take the Metro less and find some other means of transportation?
  20. robnyc

    Dc Metro Area Bank Robberies

    Today, June 29, another bank was robbed by three or four heavily armed men at the northwest bank intersecting Conneticut and Nebraska avenues. Authorities say that they believe this robbery is connected to a string of robberies that have occurred throughout the DC metro area over the past several months. The men are usually heavily armed and are very quick in getting away with as much money as they can get. They usually have a few getaway cars which they burn or blow up and get in another car. This seems almost like a movie (HEAT anyone?). The police is offering a $50,000 reward to anyone that can give a tip leading to the arrest of these robbers. Here is a picture from NBC: Anyone with a tip should call (202) 278-2000.
  21. It was announced earlier today that a United States marine became a hostage of a terrorist group. The marine was said to have been lured out somehow and captured by the terrorist group. The terrorists are asking that prisoners be released in order to ensure the life of the marine. Please show your support and give your prayers to the marine currently being held by these ruthless terrorists.
  22. robnyc

    Ground Control Ii

    I loved the first game which came out a few years ago. Ground Control goes back to realism by beating levels with the army given to you and not having the option of building up an army by gathering resources. Rather this game heavily relies on dropships to bring in reinforcements by gaining AP points. The game is very similar to homeworld but with fighting on the ground rather than in space. I personally think the development team should have used the control scheme for homeworld for this one because it was great for camera turning and zooming. Ground control kind of has an awkward way of moving and zooming in. I am playing the demo right now and you cant really customize or map any keys. I hope you can in the retail version. Anyway other than the weird camera controls the games graphics are amazing. Take a look---- this is from the official website: Here is another: Well if anyone had the chance to play the retail version let me know how it is and if you can customize the controls for the camera viewing. Thanks!
  23. robnyc

    Ground Control Ii

    Hey Derek you can get Ground Control I or II at any place that sells pc games. Such as EBgames, Best Buy, etc... Have fun~!
  24. This is the sequel to the first game Splinter Cell that came out around last year. This game is now only a few months old and I recently started to play it and it is pretty good. I like how the creators used the light and shadow to hide the player. This time the main character, Sam Fisher, has to stop something called Pandora tomorrow. I havent played enough to know what it is yet but when I do I will give more info. Maybe some kind of chemical weapon I'm guessing. Anyway be sure to check out this game and if you want to enoy it to the fullest you might want to have a good computer. Currently I am running: AMD XP 2500+ Overclocked to 3200+ 420 Watts Power supply Geil Dual DDR 512 Western Digital Caviar Edition 80Gb Sapphire ATI 9600 Pro (overclocked as well) Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum With my computer I just about can play the game with everything turned to the max.
  25. robnyc

    Red Skins Training Camp!!

    RedSkins training camp is coming up soon~! Show your support by leaving encouraging messages so that they will have a great session and a great football season. We got Joe Gibbs back in action! Leave your own words of support!