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    Kerry Beats Bush

    How about the Bush administration requesting Congress repeal a 1994 law, banning research that could lead to development of mini-nukes, low-yield nuclear warheads containing less than the power equivalent of a 5-kiloton chemical explosion, one-third that of the Hiroshima bomb. How about President Bush provoking widespread international criticism by rejecting the Kyoto Protocol. The pact requires industrialised countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 8% of the 1990 levels between 2008 and 2012. Behind Bush's faith-healing preaching is the voice of energy corporations. Oil, gas, coal and nuclear companies are the power behind Bush; together, they donated more than $50 million dollars to put him in the White House. "I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy but that could change." .Governor George W. Bush, 5/22/98
  2. The state-by-state report takes a detailed look at how the President has hurt the economy, education, health care and environmental quality in rural America. For example, in Iowa, the President has underfunded his own education plan by $37,732,100, proposed $631,700 in cuts to clean water efforts and denied 5,839 farmers assistance in implementing conservation practices. It also notes that rural communities have provided a disproportionate number of soldiers for the war in Iraq Endorsed today by the National Farmers Union PAC, John Kerry believes we can do better and that America will be stronger at home when communities of all sizes and in all states have the resources and tools they need. As President, he will make rural and small-town America a priority with a comprehensive agenda to support rural communities. “I believe a stronger America begins right here at home, and that means we need to do more to strengthen rural America,” Kerry said. “Today our rural communities are struggling, and instead of offering help, this President has turned his back. I believe we can do better - that we have a special responsibility to lift up our rural communities and small towns.” Under George Bush, America’s rural communities and small towns have been left behind. He has failed to live up to his commitments to fund education, promoted irresponsible trade policies that will hurt American farmers and ignored the need to reduce dependence on foreign oil. While ignoring the needs of America’s rural economy, our rural communities have been hard hit with budget cuts, increased cost of living, a higher percentage of uninsured and increased disparities in living. Among these disparities is overrepresentation in military call-ups. Rural communities in the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountain States are providing more soldiers to the war in Iraq as a disproportionate number of soldiers called-up for service have been from rural communities, putting additional strains on fire departments, police stations, health care facilities and schools whose personal are called up for duty. Bush has also been slow to help rural communities reap the rewards of economic innovation. He has allowed America to fall to 10th in the world for broadband penetration, delaying rural communities access to the global economy. “We cannot rest until all Americans – no matter where they live – have an equal chance at the American Dream,” Kerry said. “Together, we’ll build a stronger America that brings opportunity to family farms and Main Streets across America.” Kerry begins his bus tour on Friday in Minnesota and continues over the weekend through Iowa and Wisconsin. On the tour, Kerry will visit families and communities to celebrate the spirit of America and discuss his plan to strengthen rural communities. Kerry’s plan includes ensuring economic opportunities, increasing access to health care, fair treatment of farmers, investments in renewable fuels and expanding broadband access in order to strengthen our small towns and rural communities
  3. Kerry2004

    A Memorial Day Message

    Every day as I travel around the country, I'm thinking about our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. In times of peace, but especially in times of war, a tour of duty is hard; you spend months away from your family and friends in countries thousands of miles away, performing one of the most dangerous jobs on earth. In Vietnam, I learned about the promises that soldiers make to each other; the meaning of leadership; the dangers of a government that is not accountable; and the knowledge of what the costs of war are for the individual soldiers, their families, and our country. We can never let politics get in the way of what is best for our troops. We have to always put the life of a private on the battlefield, the sailor on a patrol, or the airman in the belly of a plane first. We need to make a commitment that we will never leave our veterans behind and must do our part to care for those who have faced the horrors of battle. This is not only about keeping our nation's promises; but about honoring those who defend it. Our military must be second to none; our troops must be taken care of when sent into harm's way, and when we bring them home, they should be given the respect they're due. My Dad taught me these lessons when he served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. The Greatest Generation is passing on their torch and their sacrifice will live as long as freedom does. I remember my father and thank those who are still here for their service. No matter how we feel about our current conflict in Iraq, no matter how critical we are of our efforts to win the peace, this Memorial Day we must have one priority: supporting our troops so they can accomplish their mission and return home as soon as possible. Those who put their lives on the line for their country deserve our support, admiration, and respect. Today we honor all soldiers past and present who have risked their lives for our country and the values of freedom and liberty we represent. We owe them a debt of gratitude no words can possibly express.
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    Support John Kerry

    For too long, political power has belonged only to the wealthy and the special interests - but your clout should not be determined by the size of your checkbook. It's time to remind everyone we know that GOTV doesn't mean 'go on t.v.' - it means Get Out The Vote, and we Democrats need to get back to basics. To help John Kerry reach as many people voters as possible I have agreed to become part of the Kerry Core. I am supporting John Kerry because America needs a president that will create jobs, provide affordable health care, protect our environment and secure our homeland. Please join my efforts to elect John Kerry president by making a contribution today. Click Here to Make Your Contribution! This link will take you to the official John Kerry web site.