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    Aki Matsuri 2004 Photo Gallery

    Hello, I went to Aki Matsuri 2004, one of the biggest Japanese community events in DC area on September 26. It was my first time to participate in the Aki Matsuri, and I had a lot of fun with Japanese food, traditional games and exciting entertainments. In addition, I liked great smiles of people having good time at the festival. I took a bunch of pictures and made a photo gallery for the Aki Matsuri. I would like to share good memories of the event with you. "Were you there?" ---> Check out: Aki Matsuri 2004 Photo Gallery "You missed it?" ---> Check out: Aki Matsuri 2004 Photo Gallery and See you next year! By the way, I met a cheerleader of Washington Redskins! Find out who she is! I'm very happy to hear your comments! Thanks -Tomo
  2. tomofromtokyo

    Do You Know Otsukimi?

    Otsukimi お月見 Moon Viewing  You are cordially invited to join the Japan-America Society of Washington, DC (JASW), Asia Society Washington Center and the National Arboretum to celebrate and view the rising of the Harvest Moon. The evening will be filled with lots of entertainment: Japanese music by the Washington Toho Koto Society, haiku poetry writing, Japanese dancing by the Shizumi Children’s Dance Troupe, and a picnic dinner at the National Herb Garden and the Capitol Columns Ellipse. The Bonsai Museum will be open during Otsukimi with docents on duty. Attendees may choose to bring their own picnic dinner, or may order an obento—Japanese box dinner—through JASW. Families are welcome; children 15 years of age and under are admitted free (Please call JASW for obento prices for children.). Parking is free. Obento orders MUST be received and paid for in advance, no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, September 29, 2004. Please note that cancellations for any registration after September 29, including no shows, cannot be refunded. Date: Saturday, October 2, 2004 Time: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Price: $30 includes obento, $10 without Place: National Arboretum3501 New York Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002 The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC 1819 L Street, NW, 1B Level, Washington, DC 20036 or fax (202) 833-2456. Questions? Call (202) 833-2210.
  3. tomofromtokyo

    The 11th Annual "aki- Matsuri"

    Hola Anita! I will let you know about it soon.
  4. tomofromtokyo

    Museum Of American Indian

    Grand Opening Celebration The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian celebrates its Grand Opening on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, September 21, 2004. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the U.S. Capitol building on the National Mall, the museum’s location symbolizes a deeper understanding and reconciliation between America’s first citizens and those who have come to make these shores their home. The opening of NMAI on the National Mall marks an unprecedented cultural achievement as Native Americans from North, Central, and South America realize a long-awaited dream to share and honor their vibrant cultures with visitors from throughout the world. Grand Opening Events The museum’s Grand Opening will include numerous activities during a week of festivities marking this historic event. We invite everyone to come celebrate with us at the museum’s Grand Opening, and encourage visitors to make the National Museum of the American Indian the first stop on their cultural journey through the nation’s capital. Timed Entry Passes Due to the extraordinary number of visitors expected at the time of the opening, free Timed Passes will be necessary for entry to the museum. A limited number of passes may be reserved in advance for a nominal service fee at www.tickets.com, or call toll-free, 866-400-NMAI (6624). A limited number of Timed Entry Passes will also be distributed daily, starting at 10 a.m., at the east entrance of the museum. Members of the museum will receive free Timed Entry Passes good for entry any time. Visitors who do not wish to obtain advance passes may wait in line to enter the museum free-of-charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Grand Opening Ceremony FAQs When is the opening ceremony for the Museum? The opening ceremony will be Tuesday, September 21, 2004 from noon until 1:00 p.m. directly following the Native Nations Procession. Where will the opening ceremony take place? The opening ceremony will take place on The National Mall in front of the U.S. Capital Building, 3rd Street between Jefferson Drive and Madison Drive. Who can attend the opening ceremony? The opening ceremony is free and open to the public. What will I see at the opening ceremony? Dignitaries including the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Lawrence M. Small, NMAI Director W. Richard West, Senator Daniel Inouye and Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell will deliver opening remarks followed by cultural presentations and blessing of the Mall museum. Will there be seating at the opening ceremony? Due to the large number of people anticipated for the opening ceremony, seating will be provided only for guests with special needs. May I participate in the opening ceremony? The opening ceremony is an event that has been meticulously choreographed to present the opening remarks and blessings by select dignitaries within certain time constraints. If you are a Native artist interested in participating in the grand opening celebrations please refer to the First Americans Festival FAQs. Who may I contact for further information about the opening ceremony? You may contact the Visitor Information Associate's Reception Center (VIARC) at 202-633-1000.
  5. tomofromtokyo

    Easy Pickings

    Did you read today's EXPRESS? I'm using a U-shapped lock for my bicycle.. Can anyone suggest better ways to protect bikes?
  6. tomofromtokyo

    The 11th Annual "aki- Matsuri"

    9 DAYS for Japanese Autumn Festival !! ANYONE interested in going to the event together? -Tomo
  7. tomofromtokyo

    Dc To Ny And Back...

    You can try Chinatown bus or other bus services. They are much cheaper! Round trip: $35- 40 It takes about 4 hours to get NYC from DC. I personally like VAMOOSE cuz it's clean and comfortable. They show some good DVDs. Hope you have a wondeful vacation! Tomo
  8. tomofromtokyo

    Volunteer At Aki Matsuri

    Have you ever experienced a Japanese-style Autumn Festival? What's that? ---> AKI MATSURI With support from the Embassy of Japan, and presented by the Japan Commerce Association and the Japan-America Society of Washington, DC, 11th Annual Aki Matsuri (Japanese-style Autumn Festival) will be held at Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Park (Gaithersburg, MD) on Sunday, September 26, 2004 from 3pm to 6pm. GET INVOLVED! HELP US OUT! at a fun afternoon full of exciting activities in the areas below: - Food vendor assistance (cashier and servers) - Game vendor assistance (cashier and servers) - Performing Arts - Kimono Assistance - Logistics - Registration - Raffles and more! Each volunteer will receive FREE admission ticket with a raffle ticket attached. Are you interested? or Do you have any questions?? Contact Mr. Shinotsuka: was@iace-usa.com Please provide (Don't forget!) - NAME - CONTACT INFO (address and phone number) Thank YOU and ENJOY the Aki Matsuri together!
  9. tomofromtokyo

    The 11th Annual "aki- Matsuri"

    第11回 「秋祭り」 日本大使館のご協力のもと、日本商工会および日米協会は、第11回 「秋祭り」を下記要領にて開催致します。 日本食屋台、昔し懐かしい縁日、バリエーションに富んだパフォーマンスなどワシントンでしか体験できない夏のひと時を、是非とも楽しくお過ごし下さい。 日 時: 2004年9月26日(日) ◆3:00pm-6:00pm ◆ (雨天決行) 場 所: Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Farm 506 S Frederick Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20877 ◆Tel (301) 258-6350 入場料: 大人:前売$5、当日$8 子供(6才以上12歳未満):$5(当日前売共)、6歳未満無料 *入場券にはラッフル(クジ)が付いています! 屋 台: 屋台で日本食・飲物 (ソフトドリンク)を販売致します。 ステージ: ねん太鼓, 空手, ワシントンユースオーケストラ その他 ラッフル: 日本への往復航空券など、素晴らしい賞品を用意しています。 夜 店: 金魚すくい、ヨーヨー釣り、輪投げ、綿菓子など ご不明な点等ございましたら、事務局(202)463-3947までお問い合わせ下さい。
  10. tomofromtokyo

    Life & Leisure: Everyday Life In Japanese Art

    どのような浮世絵があるのか、楽しみです。 長野 資正
  11. Do you have any pictures of those items?
  12. tomofromtokyo

    The 11th Annual "aki- Matsuri"

    Hi tiptoe39 Shady Grove on Red line is the closest Metro station. I heard the location is kind of far from the station, so it's better to take a taxi with your friends. Nihongo no benkyou siterunokana? -Tomo
  13. tomofromtokyo

    The 11th Annual "aki- Matsuri"

    "AKI-MATSURI" A Japanese-style Autumn Festival presented by 'JCAW and JASW'with support from the Embassy of Japan. Join us for an evening of family fun to celebrate the coming of autumn. Enjoy Japanese food, traditional games and exciting entertainment. DATE: Sunday, September 26, 2004 3:00pm-6:00pm ¨ Rain or Shine! PLACE: Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Farm 506 S Frederick Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Tel: (301) 258-6350 MAP next to Gaithersburg High School, Closest Metro station: Shady Grove on the Red line Admission: Adults (12 or over) $5 in advance, $8 at the door*, Child (6-11) $5 advance or at the door, under 6 free. Yatai: Visit Japanese style stands, serving popular festival foods like Sushi, Oden, Yakisoba, Tako-yaki, Tai-yaki, and soft drinks, and more. Performances: Experience the sights and sounds of Nen Daiko, Karate, Washington Youth Orchestra and more !! Raffle: Win fantastic Prizes, including Round-trip Air Tickets to Japan! Yomise: Enjoy traditional Japanese Festival “Kiosk” with snacks and games like Paper Goldfish Scoop, YoYo Game, Wanage, Cotton Candy, and more. All registrants will be entered in drawing to win exciting prizes including Round Trip Air Tickets to Japan! Questions? Please call JCAW at (202) 463-3947
  14. LIFE AND LEISURE: EVERYDAY LIFE IN JAPANESE ART Opens August 14 through February 20, 2005 Freer Gallery of Art This exhibition of Japanese paintings and screens depicting scenes of everyday life during the Edo-period (1615–1868) opens Aug. 14 to complement another exhibition on view at the Freer that focuses on Chinese scenes of work and commerce. "Life and Leisure: Everyday Life in Japanese Art" includes a wide variety of illustrations ranging from colorful paintings abuzz with activity and humor picturing the daily lives of peasants and entertainers, to glamorous images of female courtesans from the pleasure quarters fixing their lipstick or washing their hair. Several ceramic household or restaurant objects from the period, including a teapot and water caddy, water and sake bottles, a serving bowl, sushi bucket and storage jar are also on view. Although people of various social classes pursuing everyday activities had long been pictured in the backgrounds of both religious and secular Japanese paintings, it was only in the late 16th century that contented commoners pictured at work or at play began to appear as an independent central subject of Japanese art. Enjoy Japanese beauty -Tomo
  15. tomofromtokyo

    Photographer Ivan Milovidov

    Good Work, Ivan! You have a very cool web site and I really liked your design & photos!! -Tomo