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  1. fengliu

    Cover your kitchen top with colorful Granite

    Yes, we do. We have standard 4" backspalsh as well as 12" granite tiles that match every granite countertop color.
  2. We are granite countertop direct importers and we are happy to serve Wash DC area homeowners, business owners and realtors. No one can undersell us. Bring your estimate and you will be surprised on you how much you can save!!! Our sales manager Grace (202)558-5618 may surprise you even more. Pick your color ($29-$50)
  3. That's correct! Since we are direct importer and we own our installation crew. No one can under sell us. lots of selections. ($29-$50) Call Grace to get a better deal (202)558-5618.
  4. That's true! lots of selections. ($29-$50) Call Grace to get a better deal (202)558-5618